Trump’s COVID-19 Data Cover Up: TeleTracking Technologies Hired to Do the Dirty Deed

“America under the Trump administration will be soon following China’s and North Korea’s tactics in which data will be concealed and the public will be kept in the dark. Soon, Americans will no longer be able to get the real data about the number of COVID-19 infected and COVID-19 deaths as President Trump signed a new order in which all hospitals and states will no longer report these figures and other critical data to the US CDC or media, but rather to a private company that is controlled by the White House, and only the White House will in turn disseminate this data. Other data that will also be controlled includes the numbers of daily COVID-19 tests, the availability of ventilators and hospital beds. As the Trump campaign comes closer to the election date, he needs to suppress the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in America and let his ignorant followers and Republicans think that he is doing a great job while they and their families [and others] die slowly.”

Thailand Medical News: Bleak Future for Americans as White House Now Controls Reporting of all New Infections and Deaths, Elites are Scamming the Country.

As, obviously, the world now knows, and the authors of Thailand Medical News make clear, the Trump Administration seeks to further blind the American public from the deadly reality of the Pandemic of 2020. To do this they are paying TeleTracking Technologies $10.2 million under a six month, no-bid contact let out of the office of the Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response.

TeleTracking Technologies, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is run by Michael G. Zamagias. He has interests in real estate and banking. Open Secrets reports that he has been a long time contributor to current and former Republican politicians among them Roy Blunt and Rick Santorum.

Why TeleTracking Technologies? According to Healthcare IT the real-time locating system technology (RTLS) used by TeleTracking is a common platform used by hospitals. Indeed there are many companies who offer RTLS, among them TeleTracking. “There are many vendors of real-time location system technology on the market today, such as CenTrak, GE Healthcare, Hewlett-Packard, Midmark RTLS, Mojix, Siemens, Skytron, Stanley Healthcare, TeleTracking, Vizzia Technologies and Zebra Manufacturing Solutions.”

TeleTracking: Asset Managers

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) they monitor “COVID-19 case counts, deaths, and laboratory testing numbers daily online.” Those numbers come from “states, territories, and other jurisdictions.”

But TeleTracking offers an asset and patient cost control/management system. It does not appear to be a health monitoring system like the CDC’s that includes lab tests, morbidity or recovery.

TeleTracking’s contract probably involves quickly writing up software code to duplicate and dumb-down CDC’s effort. Such software engineering would require a good deal of cash to get up in running which might explain the $10.2 million award. With 3.5 months or so to the presidential election, it appears that TeleTracking has been hired by the Trump Administration to fudge that COVID-19 numbers being reported from medical facilities across the country or at least suppress them.

Here is a description of what TeleTracking’s Asset Tracking application does:

“Allows hospital personnel to manage assets, reduce costs and streamline efficiency, which in turn improves quality, patient safety and the financial bottom line. For real-time locating systems in healthcare, false positives and “best guess” methods simply won’t work. We don’t estimate location or use software to smooth data, instead, TeleTracking’s Real-Time Locating System assures the precise zone, room, bed and bay level accuracy of people and equipment in your enterprise. Using the most advanced active and passive real-time location technology delivers unprecedented accuracy, reliability and scalability. With AssetTracking, you will have real-time location, status and movement of equipment from any computer. Flexible deployment and scalability allow easy expansion as your asset tracking, patient and staff locating needs grow. When integrated with Capacity Management™ Suite, patient and staff location can be used to automate workflows, improve visibility and efficiency and enhance patient safety.”

And here is TeleNetwokring’s COVID-19 dashboard which shows the asset tracking system in operation. According to the marketing plug,”The dashboard is in response to customer requests to be able to see, in real-time, information related to patient census, bed availability, confirmed and possible COVID-19 patients, patients in need of ventilation, capacity of specialized treatment areas such as negative pressure and ICU rooms and patients by age.”

So how did TeleNetworking Technologies and its CEO Michael G. Zamagias, also a real estate mogul and banker, get a six month, no-bid contract for $10.2 million?

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