Beijing Acts on Hong Kong

May 22, 2020. The best, most hopeful day in the life of Hong Kong since its pro forma reunification with China in 1997.

The day Beijing decided to face down its premier Special Administrative Region’s legions of destructive, China-hating subversives — who call themselves “democrats” — and their allies in the Anglo-American Empire. The day real decolonization begins in Hong Kong. And the start of Hong Kong’s second, and true, return to its motherland.

It was the day the National People’s Congress, constitutionally China’s “highest organ of state power,” unfurled a national security law for the HKSAR. Designed specifically to check secession, subversion, foreign meddling and terrorist activity, it will be put to a vote before the NPC wraps up next week. The Congress’s Standing Committee will then work out the details and have it promulgated it by July or August.

It was the lack of such legislation that had allowed the “pan-democrats” and their Anglo-US backers to riddle Hong Kong’s entire civic ecosystem with Sinophobia and disruption. Their most dramatic depredations were the Occupy Central uprising of 2014, the Mongkok riots of 2016 and, of course, the Black Terror color revolution that began last year.

National security legislation is required by Article 23 of the Hong Kong Basic Law. But a bid by SAR authorities in 2003 to comply ended disastrously. Pan-subversives mobilized mass protests that not only derailed the effort but led to the chief executive’s resignation. Since then, no SAR government has dared touch this hottest of potatoes.

That’s a key reason Beijing has acted. According to political insiders, central authorities lost hope that the Hong Kong government was capable of passing Art. 23 in the foreseeable future. And a national security law was clearly and urgently essential for Hong Kong, especially with color revolution still simmering and crucial elections to the legislature in September. Also, Washington seemed set to escalate its multidimensional war on China, and Hong Kong has become a primary arena.

When news of the NPC move broke, it took most by surprise. Twenty-three years of a hands-off policy towards Hong Kong had dulled people’s expectations of dramatic action by Beijing. For months, signs had been that the central government was incrementally tightening its laissez-faire approach. But the decision for the NPC to act was a well-kept secret. An important spur had been the 2 million supportive signatures gathered by patriotic Hong Kong lawmaker Junius Ho and the political group Politihk, headed by activist Innes Tang.

In Hong Kong, the NPC decision immediately set the cat among the “democrat” pigeons. Their political stalwarts tore their hair and foamed at the mouth, denouncing it. For the zillionth time, they solemnly pronounced the death of One Country, Two Systems in Hong Kong. The young & intellectually-challenged among “pro-democracy” blackshirts frantically speculated in their favorite online forums. Hellish visions were conjured of the horrors Communist monsters were about to inflict on them. And rumors flew that the cost of a smuggled passage to Taiwan had risen severalfold.

Donald Trump threatened a “very strong” response, while Mike Pompeo threatened … something. The Eurominions chirped in unison.

But to the majority of Hong Kong’s long-suffering population, all seemed well under heaven.

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