A Patriot’s Day Message

For so long the world’s governments and media lied on Palestine. That is one of the biggest understatements of the century.

They held a mask in front of Palestine and projected images on it, so that Palestine was not seen at all. All that was seen were the lies of the ones trying to steal that land, to rewrite history, draw lines on a map, change names.

Refugees were not spoken of, and no rights were they given to their homes. & those people masked behind these projections spoke and spoke to the world, to tell the world the truth.

They spoke of their lives as Palestinians.

The truth is the truth. Human rights law is not a theory, not subject to the coordinated dehumanization of a people’s name. Human rights is the right to a dignified life, to your name, and to the honoring of your story and the true spirit with which you live.

In America, sometimes speaking of Palestine, you feel like you’re running on a wheel that doesn’t turn.

We speak to make things change, to shape the future, not just to try to convince someone, in America, that basically your own government and media are and were  lying to you, absolutely lying, slandering and killing trying to steal a land called Palestine.  Convince someone to change their perception of reality to that degree.

But reality is reality, no need to sugarcoat or avoid it. A lie is a lie. And a bad ruler is a bad ruler.

There are power dynamics in this so-called democracy of America, a place where decisions are made not subject to anyone’s approval.

There are power dynamics, there are rulers and there are ruled, don’t get the wool pulled, America has power dynamics of all sorts.

And the government,  despite touting itself as THE beacon of democracy,  is disliked by the majority of the people.

We are frustrated with all the terrible spectacles and constant issues, the callousness, the cold disregard, not to mention all the bickering and blathering.

In America, the conversation itself sometimes feels like you’re running on a wheel that doesn’t turn.  Frustration mounting.

But and it will always be true, the only thing that will change America is  its people.

The popular American story/myth that we’re supposedly living is basically a lie, the one where we all get to be heroes while barely trying, the good guys without self-reflection, the might makes right story, the one about lies being irrelevant. It’s a teaching that destroys.

America is falling spiritually, right now, in the eyes of all the world.

The only thing that can change America is its people.

They tell me to get excited about Bush or Clinton, Obama or Biden, Trump or Pence, it don’t make no sense. It has never made no sense to this mind.

Our rulers TELL us we need them, they tell us they will decide if we can have medicine.

They tell us voting expresses our deepest wish for freedom and self-responsibility.

They tell us we can either have Democrats or Republicans forever more, and what an interesting story that is!

Our rulers are terrible. There is no doubt about it, and you get tired of the wheel that doesn’t turn.

The only thing that can change America is the people.

There have been many giants here, many many many. The responsibility to change this place will always lie with us.

It can be changed. To believe otherwise is to be blind to reality.

A better world is as present as we are.