The Focus on Trump Reveals the Democrat Model

In 2016, the democrats and republicans openly agreed on one major vital point in the presidential campaign. Both organizations agreed that the best candidates they could put forward were devious, obfuscating windbags who disingenuously and deliberately used words to give the impression that they gave a rat’s ass about people who were suffering under the corruptions to which both candidates were intimately aligned. As events unfolded, the one person who seemed to have a clue as to how things needed (and still need) to change proudly allowed his supporters’ wishes to be jettisoned as he embraced the democrats’ fraud.

There is no evidence things have changed and there is growing evidence that the Reaganic Pelosified party of fakery is set for a repeat.

It has become overbearingly typical among the majority of liberals (those who seem to think they are progressives while they enable corporatized capitalistic corruptions as opposed to those who are known as “conservatives” and who openly embrace the exact same corruptions) to try to put the blame for Donald Trump’s obvious asshole-ness (my apologies to the beneficialness of our rectal passageways) on Trump and the republicans while it is abundantly obvious that Trump is a sort of “exceptional” example of what the democrats and republicans both fetishize as the “exceptional” “ american way of life.”

The purveyors of this non-awareness are, it seems, mostly incapable of rising above their own insecurities and overcompensating hubris and are mostly incapable of seeing how they are brainwashed into NOT seeing the plethora of schemes whereby the democrats are overwhelmingly complicit in the predatory machinations and lies which their republican accomplices openly embrace.

The central uniting theology seems to be that the vast majority of the people who identify as “americans” (delusionally) believe that the so-called United States of America is not a continuation of the corrupt, arrogant, prejudicial, greed-driven, insecurely obsessed, worship of monetary power and militancy which was the primary reason why so many of their emigrating ancestors fled the same sort of noxious perversity in other regions. The main thing which provided the appearance that the so-called USA was significantly different from the rampant institutionalized injustices of other lands was the abundance of natural resources in the so-called “americas.” As long as the proportions of physical resources was so enormously greater than the abuses of and the consumption of those resources, the appearance of the possibility of widespread economic prosperity has remained one of the major lures which drew enormous numbers of people away from the other regions of the world which were already stressed by the same corruptions which are now a central feature of the grossly consuming, privately corporatized “american way of life.”

The creation of classes of people can be found almost everywhere in so-called human cultures from around the planet and the acceptance of the concept that there are variable degrees of worthiness based upon shrewdly manipulative economic consumption tied to the classifications of people seems to be the leit-motif of the toxicity of predatory economic domination in the almost ubiquitous array of divisive cultural identities.

It is significant that the most commonly found manifestation of class-based inequalities is the prejudicial male over female perversity. This phallus-based misrepresentation of human existence is supported by all of what are called the major religions and it is THE most blatant proof that all of these religions are traps. There is not, and there has never been, a single person among the billions who have existed or ever will exist who is not, by the utmost necessity, a mix of male and female. To believe otherwise is to hate your own existence (as well as every other person’s existence). This most pathetically delusional corruption in human societies is also the basis of most religions and economies and it is one of the primary tools of their corrosive effects. The use of divisive racial obsessions is probably the second most used fraudulence.

The most prominently dangerous aspect of these widespread delusions is that the earth is widely referred to as female. While this way of viewing the planet may, in a very small number of human societies, seem truly respectful, it is much more often an unstated route for violating each other and the planet. It seems that the planet is seen as a body which needs or deserves to be fucked for private pleasures.

In the current continuing reliance upon the arrogant electoral “college” combined with the perversity of the phony professorial class of manipulators known as Super-delegates, the democrats flagrantly insist that the most arrogant and devious dominators of class warfare are more virtuous than the rabble who serve them. The lesson they consistently teach is that humans without riches are not trustworthy.

Consider the word “virtuous.” The basis of this word is vir. It is the same base which is used for the words virility and virtual. It means man and manlike. In a very real sense, in spite of what so many men and women say, the underlying psychic defect of too many of our species reinforces the concept that it is impossible to be both nurturing and be virtuous. This perversely twisted arrogance infuses the perception of nature in what passes for a culture and it seems to be based upon the idea that the female role of nurturing is a vulnerability which so many males (and females who would be males) must proudly guard and simultaneously destroy (because of competition for resources) when seeking an escape from insecurity. This disconnect – between what we think we are protecting while we simultaneously destroy the same thing – is the essence of the widely worshipped virtuality of malevolent domination. It separates us from the reality of our inherently vulnerable existence. Competition for power over the world’s resources, human and otherwise, has increased along with the populations of people and proud domination seems supported by the majority as a supposed necessary escape from itself. This is our most insidious delusion and it seems to be more widely accepted and promoted as “pragmatic” today than ever before. We are awash in a toxic, prideful thin-ness of virtuality.

The so-called “divine right of kings (and queens – i.e. phallus-ized females),” in which the arrogant “virtue” of social dominators is used to claim exceptional power, has long been one of the major causes of vicious upheavals in human history. This seemingly hormone-induced vanity is alive within the huge numbers of us who believe in the lie of “exceptional” character based upon gender, race, religion, nationalism, and/or economic privilege. Way, way too many of us continue to accept the misguided notion that this seeming inherent foolishness (which seems to be the offspring of our feelings of desperate insecurity and the delusional (over)compensating belief that there is something as ridiculous as a “self-made” man) is a form of righteousness when it is more like a prejudicial, socially debilitating form of escapist mental masturbation. The main difference between this belief in economic exceptional individualism and real masturbation is that the latter is quite possibly much more socially and environmentally beneficial.

So, over the past few years, the narrowing of the focus – by democrats and republicans alike – has become the most preferred method of not correcting the often vicious destabilizations of the environment and the attendant social injustices the democrats and republicans continue to enable. All of the recent presidents of the so-called USA have, with the alternating support of both of the dominant parties, proudly worked to turn the office of president into a position of monarchistic impunity. Trump is the current fraudulence on top of the widespread bipartisan phallic fetishizing of so-called free market capital which undeservingly passes for a democracy. He is the latest version of slippery immediate gratification used to distract us from the reality of the militarizing, increasingly fascist, globally insidious, bipartisan unity. Too many people around the world seem to reflexively accept the lie that Trump is an anomaly when he is nothing more than the latest and most blatant of an ever growing, continuous line of democrat and republican carpetbagger hucksters. The words used by any democrat or republican are as artificial as any other moneymaking, violence celebrating, video game trap. The Twittered manipulations and the liberals who promote the falsehood that Trump is THE main problem are deliberately helping reinforce the lie that the overwhelming majority of democrats and republicans were not complicit in his ascendancy.

From the recent overwhelming democrat endorsement of the fascist Patriot Act to their repeated (often silent) endorsements of their shared fascist destabilizing of other nations to their history of support for a barrier against their victims from the South to their promotion of global Frankensteinian corporate dominion over all of life through “trade deals” to their proud, toxin-dependent lust for the sucking out of life by greater and greater funding for militarism (in support of privately controlled money) to the dismissal and obfuscating of concerns about climate destabilization to their undermining of attempted responses to their attacks on public education and beyond, the democrats and the republicans have worked together to prevent awareness and to prevent necessary structural changes in the name of private greed and sadistic social inequality. Believing that you can be progressive and also be a democrat is as delusional as the belief that predatory capitalism is the same as democracy.

Possibly the worst offenders are those democrats who protest the loudest against climate change and social injustices as they also repeatedly fall in line with their corrupt party and thereby lend support to the (partial) list of corruptions which were cited in the previous paragraph. They clearly lack integrity and are rendered deluded and/or deceitful by their own collusion.

The Trump crap-fest is a bipartisanly approved obfuscation which complicit liberals and their supposed (fake) opposition are using to make themselves look superior. No matter what words they like to deceitfully employ, their insistent clinging to the democratrepublican circus of debauchery shows that they are, and intend to remain, partisanly obsessed failures as human beings.

We have to know better. Supporting arsonists is not a good way to put out a fire.

Continuing to vote for democrats and republicans only means that you like being a whore for vain, phallus-prioritizing, sadistically self-deceiving, predatory zealots. Whenever the democratrepublican corporate push becomes a shove, their pledges of devotion to a constitutional Bill of Rights are repeatedly rendered vacant.

If you truly cherish equal justice for all of humanity and the environment, turn away from the violence-enabling democrat and republican fronts for privatizing corporate control, deny them access to your energy, and try to keep focussed on what you cherish, especially as the democratrepublican acolytes try to deceive you with their slippery words.

The democrats and the republicans have had their chance and both parties have repeatedly and consistently shown that they are overwhelmingly pathetic human failures who love domination over others above all else and do not deserve any more of our energy. They cannot be trusted because they are obviously incapable of recognizing the extent of their own culpability in participating in a rigged, global game of phallic domination for dollars.

Making the focus and indignation mostly about Trump will guarantee more Trumps from both the democrats and the republicans. That future would be exactly what the democrats and republicans have been seeking.