A “Salute” to Winston Churchill to “Properly” Dishonor him and His “Great War Time Leadership” and Expose His Hypocrisy and Lies

How can we anywhere on the face of this Earth today “properly” dishonor Winston “the faker” Churchill as no less than the late great Alexander Cockburn aptly referred to him?  Oh let us count the ways, and while we’re at it, list them and give some “lovely” details?  Hey why the Hell not?  Let’s do it.

Bearing in mind, that Churchill was right about one thing. As he put it “History will be kind to me, as I shall write it.”  With the fact being that overwhelmingly it has been those on both sides of the Atlantic genuflecting over Winnie’s grave along with him who have written that very history.

Start with his absolutely mad and suicidal plan known as Operation Unthinkable and then things get really, well, interesting. See this.   As Oliver Stone once said  “Start at the end and work your way back.”

Hey, nothing like starting a world war with the Russian Bear right as it looks the fighting in one is about to  end at least in Europe with US and British troops having to fight side by side with a part of the Nazi army they had just helped whip on the battlefields of Europe and threatening to use nuclear weapons against Russia, the country which had actually done the heaviest of lifting against the Nazi war machine. Add to this “wonderful”  prospects of US fatalities estimated realistically, if not, conservatively as three million— half of the American army of the time not counting the air corps with all the wounded likely to have piled up as well on same battlefield and it gets I N S A N E especially with the Japanese war machine still not defeated.

Then by all means let’s not leave out that “great move” by the “great war time leader” Churchill in Greece in December 1944 when the US forces not mention their president had their minds concentrated on a huge offensive in the Ardennes with weak point in the anti Nazi coalition lines there, and it gets really a bit crazy.  See here. With this Churchill approved action by the British army backed by tanks and air power and the backing of those who had been Nazi collaborators to bring a regime rcame to power with the biggest  betrayal of all in Europe in that “great patriotic war against Fascism.”  It surely would have been an act of treason  n Churchill’s part and Anthony Eden his foreign secretary opposed it. Franklin D Roosevelt condemned as well  he should have. What Churchill did in Greece something Joseph Stalin never came close to doing in areas under his army’s control.

Then let’s not leave out the outrageous acts of Churchill or Winnie in Belgium in November 1944 where actually US forces were then doing the heavy lifting that initially Canadian troops had been doing. Here Churchill gave Belgium three opportunities to choose a government from those in each case he had hand picked for them. With the final offer, Churchill insisted the Belgians take this as their provisional government. The same month apparently  with Winnie’s approval the British army fired on Belgian protestors in Brussels. Not much Stalin ever did would compare with this, and  unlike Churchill’s whining about his favored London Poles, as they’d been “steadfastly” defending Poland from the  Nazi war machine right there in London where they were doing tea time  while those “terrible” Lublin Poles had been fighting  side by side with the Russian army abasing the Nazi war machine in Poland.  Add to that Winnie’s contribution to the war  effort at this same time as he ordered the disarming of the anti Nazi resistance many of whom were left wing with some Communists  while he refused to disarm any of Churchill’s hand picked OAS (Secret Army Organization) which contributing virtually nothing  to helming the fight against the Third Reich, but disarming the Belgian anti Nazi resistance. which did and did so from the start  when the Canadian forces were coming through.  Gee what  a “brilliant war time leader” Winnie was.

But hey more’s to come.  Winnie also vetoed the Second Front plan to cross the English Channel and Operation Sledgehammer/Bolero backed by both Dwight D Eisenhower and George Marshall as well as the British military top brass and approved by them in early 1942.   eally Churchill’s just has to “be one of the greatest war time leaders.”  Yeah That early crossing of the channel in maybe even as early  as late 1942 as approved by the British military top brass must have been a “terrible idea.”  Just think, This was a time when the areas  to be attacked was less poorly defending by Hitler’s gang as they had their minds concentrated on the Russian “dictatorship of the proletariat.”  The Nazi war machine had fewer troops, less tanks and lower quality ones— no or virtually no Tigers or Panthers which later would be superior to the Shermans they had to face  See British historian’s book “Armageddon” and its discussion of this. Nazi army fortifications  weren’t nearly as well prepared. Nor was the barbed wire and mines so extensive along the beaches.  Yeah we “know” that would never  have worked. I mean Churchill had at his great peak commanded a whole battalion of Scots infantry on the Western Front in the First World  War when he was coming under heavy attack back on British soil and chose to get into the war which he once admitted he loved despite  how crazy it was.  Yeah a “battalion commander.!”  Why iin the US Army that would be perhaps a large force of at least 500 to 1,0000 at full authorized strength.  Yeah but “all” Ike, Marshall. and the top British military brass had to think about was a “lousy few” in the hundreds of thousands or maybe a million or two. “Yeah!’  See here for confirmation of both US and British top brass approving Operation Bolero and even being willing to do it on an emergency basis in 1942.  But “clearly” with Winnie the “great war time leader” vetoing it, it “couldn’t work.”

“Not to worry!” Things get even “better” with the Hess affair. That’s right;  The Hess affair. Many have heard about this matter involving Rudolph Hess as some sort of move toward a secret with the British government as the Battle of Britain was coming to a close. See here f or some interesting details. If Winnie was completely innocent regarding this affair, then why did he allow an air force promotion of the Duke of Hamilton  whom evidence overwhelming showed had surely met with Hess and was part of this infamous act of treason. Lord Beaverbrook, a Canadian and the British air minister during the Battle of Britain at the time personally insisted the Duke of Hamilton had surely met with Hess. .

Now not to leave out another “great move” by Churchill which so many will ‘love.”  This was the time when Winnie got an actor impersonating hie to give one of his “great” Battle of Britain” speeches which was so well received. Now that’s a “great war time leader” if ever anyone ever was.

But hey, it’s not over until “the fat lady sings” as they say in opera performances. No singing just yet!  But how about this? When German Jews were escaping to the island state of Britain early in the Second World War even though they had those stars of David on them, the British  government policy at the time was to put them into detention camps right along with known Nazis. For this see Clive Ponting’s account in his book, “Churchill,” about one of the best biographies anywhere of Churchill with Ponting being that “left winger” who served as a top level bureaucrat in Margaret Thatcher’s Defence Ministry. Clearly a “real left winger!”   Now why would “wonderfuL Winnie allow that?

Some German Jews were lucky enough during this period to end up in aircraft factories producing aircraft tor the British air force due to recruiting by none other than Lord Beaverbrook, the air minister and a Canadian.  Given the vital need of the British air force for aircraft such Jews couldn’t be put into detention camps with known Nazis. But this writer digresses.

But when talking about a great war time leader it’s important to show cogently the case for this. How about starting with that Battle of  France in 1940 which Ponting gives some details on.  Let’s start with this “lovely” and “rather comic’ if you like dark humor account. Here history dug up by Ponting shows that the “great war time leader” was doing his version of the Marx brothers “Duck Soup”  cinematic strategy of “First we show up, but they no show up.  Then they show up, but we don’t show up. Ah, that’s a good one eh, boss?”  If anyone thinks this is just bull. Do have a look at the following. Within less than a week of the British army contingent of nine divisions and  other units showing up, Winnie ordered his senior commander of this British Expeditionary Force (BEF) to come up with an evacuation plan or something that the US media today would call a “cut and run’ strategy and without any coordination with their Belgian, Dutch, and French allies and with the British army contingent being the smallest of all the anti Nazi powers. In a short time “Operation Ciut and Run”— oh “shouldn’t say that” was the order of the day for the BEF. This meant get to the English Channel and get back to the island homeland with no regard for the allies. With Winnie’s later infamous words “We stood alone.” Yes that happens when deserting allies and then leaving then to take a big whipping British asses didn’t have to take— not that the Tommies (rank and file members of the  British army) weren’t willing to fight. But like any other army troops they follow orders, and most especially from their commander in chief.  It’s get’s “even better.” Ponting in his account is forced to conclude that the deciding factor in the Battle of France was the slight advantage the Nazi side enjoyed in air power, with Winnie only allowing two of 40 operational fighter squadrons to participate in the battle  until practically the end when it was too late.  This brings to mind the idea. It’s pretty hard to win a fight when you fight with both hands tied  behind you as was the case here with neither the British army or air force virtually allowed any opportunity to fight the enemy.  Pretty sorry  for a “great war time leader.”

Finally with regard to the BEF’s withdrawal, a hole or two or more opened up in the anti-Nazi forces’ lines. Now “imaging” that. Now what would any enemy especially a fanatical Nazi one do at a time such as that?  Yeah, “surprise” rush troops, tanks, and whatever else through those lines to roll their enemy up all along the line. Shall we just say “damn who would have  thought?”  Smash goes the weasel. OK wrong! He was safe and sound in Number 10 and likely in his bunker sucking up on way too much booze. Hey was “that great war time leader brilliant and brave” or what?

Now what about “our man” and his “resolute” stand on Munich in 1938 with all those “precious” warnings about the “great danger” coming  from the Nazi furrier. Now it’s “rough,” but it wasn’t quite like that actually and in large part. Why would this writer say that?  Hey, the fact that Winnie would tell the Czech government and Eduard Benes, then lionized by the West hat they needed to put their house in order as Churchill put it in terms of what that government was doing about the Czech crisis which was developing, thus really blaming the Czech government not the Nazi regime for the crisis. How seriously could anyone take Winnie’s warnings about Hitler when he was making excuses for him on this crises and in words nobody has ever documented Neville Chamberlain nor Lord Halifax ever using?  If they were the apostles of appeasement, just what was Churchill given this little fact provided by none other than Ponting in his book, “Churchill”?  Furthermore, when Clement Attlee, party leader for Labor attacked the Munich agreement as a “victory off might over right” and a “humiliation” as it surely was,  Churchill also attacked it but in less strong moral terms. When asked about speaking out against the Munich agreement, Winnie did a 180 from Martin Luther King Jr and his “Silence is betrayal about Vietnam” by responding this wouldn’t be the time for speeches.  How about that for “brave  and resolute”?  Source: again that “terrible left winger” and revisionist Ponting and that book, “Churchill.”

“When will Churchill’s glory fade” like the “lovely” charge of the Light Brigade?  How about no sooner than the truth can overcome Churchillian lies,  propaganda, and bullshit?

A D Hemming is a pseudonym this writer uses on a regular basis.