April 2017

Selling Spiritual Care

Invasion of the Pretty People, Kamala Harris Edition

A Special Obscenity: “Guernica” Today

Turkey’s Kurdish Agenda

The Senator Visits Río Piedras

Mumia Abu-Jamal Fights for a New Trial and Freedom 

The Responsibility of Rich Countries in Yemen’s Crisis

Women’s Health is on the Chopping Block, Again

The Coal Industry is a Job Killer

Rojava, a Popular Imperial Project

A Public Plan for Peace

The Insider Who Blew the Whistle on Corporate Greed

Dutch Arms Dealer Who Fueled Liberian Civil War Convicted

There Has to be a Way Out of the Labyrinth

Trump Scales Back Antiquities Act, Which Helped to Create National Parks

Under Duterte, Filipino Youth Struggle for Real Change

Balm for Goat’s Milk

Spooky Cookies and Algorithmic Steps Dystopian

Thank You Note

Review: Gregor Hens’ “Nicotine”

Handel’s Executioner

Jeff Sessions is Rolling Back Basic Rights

Blind Slogans and Shallow Greatness

When Patient Rights Do Not Exist

Guarding the Galilee Documentary (2017) – Trailer

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