Uncle Donald’s Armada

Press reports of the Pentagon sending two more carriers, the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz, to the Korean peninsula by the 25th of this month, joining the Navy strike group Carl Vinson dispatched last week,  have sent the chattering class into a state of frenzy, even stupor.

The question that sets tongues wagging is: Will the Reality TV star turned POTUS have the stomach and foolhardiness, fresh from his newly- acquired presidential aura and fully capitulating to the warmongering cabal, to go where a lesser mortal or pussy that Obama was accused of being, feared to tread?

It seems Trump has brought into the Oval Office remnants of his previous reincarnation as a Reality TV Star, the surreal world of make-believe, where posturing, bluff and bluster are the daily fodder. And that suits the warriors at the Pentagon just fine: They need a player for the geopolitical poker game on the Korean Peninsula that’s like a cat on the hot tin roof.

Yet, this is no Grand Chessboard with elegant moves  contemplated by Zbig. This is a real life poker game where the lives of millions of real people will be put in harm’s way. Kim Jung-un’s ICBMs shown off at the military parade on 15 April to commemorate his grandfather’s 105th birth anniversary may not fly far, much less hit the American soil. But he has enough artillery to level Seoul, which is only 35 miles from the DMZ, to rubble and kill hundreds of thousands of South Koreans in the capital.

Wait a minute, the South Korean news agency Yonhap says the three carriers will be off the Korean peninsula for yet another massive drill. Phew! We’re so close to another Korean War, and even WW3.

Damn you, Uncle Donald, you almost scare the shit out of me!