November 2016

Anthony Monteiro – Episode 65

Robbie Martin – Episode 64

Mark Crispin Miller – Episode 63

Yoav Litvin – Episode 62

Bob Fitrakis – Episode 61

Paul Street – Election Special

Kali Akuno – Episode 60

As Pipeline Construction and Repression Grows, DAPL Protest is Looking More Like a Mass Movement

Understanding Aleppo

Forget the Trump-Clinton Charade: It’s Time to Wake Up America!

One Week, and Counting: Bottom-Fishing in America

Those Who Study Together Go on to Rule Together: Notes on Bringing Statehood to Puerto Rico

Solidarity From Cuba, Courtesy of the Revolution

The Destruction of Reason in West

The Godfather of Whistleblowers: Remembering Phillip Agee, Ex-CIA

Will This be the Deadliest Year Ever for Yellowstone’s Grizzlies?

Sukant Chandan – Episode 59

Comey’s October Surprise

The US Threatens Irish Neutrality

There Should be No Special Deal for Tax-Evading Cameco

Michael Moore Wants A Spot in Hillary’s Cabinet

Why the Democrats Keep Losing the Congress

Globalization Expressway to Universal Slavery

American Dream, Revisited

All Governments Lie, The Movie

Alabama’s Human Guinea Pigs: Burning People Alive on Death Row

Putin and Obama: the Trust Evaporates

The Danger of War From a Declining Hegemon

The FBI Intervenes: James Comey and Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Inequality as Policy

How Putin Derailed the West

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