November 2016

Anthony Monteiro – Episode 65

The CIA and the Press: When the Washington Post Ran the CIA’s Propaganda Network

Why Threats Between EU and Turkey Ring Hollow

The Sundown Town Vote in Wisconsin: Race-ing the Trump Victory

How I Produce Fake News for Russia

Prospects for an Alt-Left

Of Course, Trump Still Favors Torture

Smear-Mongering: a Mea Culpa for the Age of McCarthyism 2.0

Trumpocalypse (a/k/a The Death Throes of National Sovereignty)

The Monstrous, the Sublime and the Plainly Wondrous

“Don’t Think Twice:” Art is Socialism, Life is Capitalism

“Hamilton,” History and the Aesthetics of Fan-Fiction

Robbie Martin – Episode 64

Mark Crispin Miller – Episode 63

Trump’s Team Will Start New Wars in the Middle East

Yoav Litvin – Episode 62

Trouble Ahead: With Trump and For Him 

City of Killers: the Battle for Tal Afar

Breaking Yugoslavia: How the US Used NATO as Its Battering Ram

George Soros: Dystopia’s Minister of Truth

The Revenge of Class and the Death of the Democratic Party

Trump’s First Crisis: Iraqi Troops in Mosul?

Bob Fitrakis – Episode 61

It’s Class, Stupid, Not Race

Panic in America: People in Revolt

Trump and the Middle East: Where Political Graves are Made

Alice D. Millionaire—Owsley and the Counterculture

Roaming Charges: Whitelash, White Heat?

How Did We Get Here? What Lies Ahead?

A Call for Resistance in Dark Times

Back in Urania: From Brexit to Trump

Obama and the Common Affairs of the Whole Bourgeoisie

Poor Liberals, Nobody to Blame But Themselves

GM Mustard in India

Paul Street – Election Special

Americal Liberals Unleashed the Trump Monster

Why Trump Won—And What’s Next

The Rejection of Wall Street’s Globalization Project: Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead!

The Iraqi Christians Who Are Struggling to Survive After Isis

The Flim-Flam Man Does Pennsylvania Avenue

Kali Akuno – Episode 60

The Neoliberal Jackboot State: Bill Clinton, Janet Reno and the Miracle of Elian Gonzalez

Clinton, Reno and Waco: the Real Story

“Freedom isn’t Free” in the Land of the Delusional & the Home of the Duped

Stiff Necked Fools: What Bob Marley Can Teach Us About Donald Trump

Michigan, Colorado or Faithless Electors Could Scuttle Clinton Coronation

The Lethal Lie of Hillary Clinton: Saving Lives with a No-Fly Zone in Syria

US-backed Forces Launch Raqqa Offensive as Terror Fears Grow in Europe

How Drone Pilots Talk

Air Cocaine: the Wild, True Story of Drug-Running, Arms Smuggling and Contras at a Backwoods Airstrip in the Clintons’ Arkansas