November 2015

Ajamu Baraka – Episode 25

Canada’s New Climate-Denying National Government

Twofers for Carly Fiorina

Japan’s 5th Recession in 7 Years

Straining the Republic: France’s State of Emergency

Nasty Surprises: the Problem With Bombing ISIS

Inside the Colombia Peace Deal

Breaking the Climate Mold: Fighting for the Planet and Justice

There is No Such Thing as International Terrorism

Alan Gross’s Improbable Tales on 60 Minutes

An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind

An Assassination in Turkey: the Killing of Tahir Elci

70,000 Kalashnikovs: Cameron’s “Moderate” Rebels

The Looming Transnational Battlefield

India – Procession of the Dead: Shopping Malls and Shit

War in Our Time

Israel and ISIS: Needed, a Thorough Accounting

Glenn Greenwald Stands by the Official Narrative

Trump’s Embrace of Totalitarianism is America’s Dirty Little Secret

Distortion, Revisionism & the Liberal Media

ISIS and Changing the Game

The Ideology of Humanitarian Imperialism

Showdown on the Syrian Border

Let the Refugees In

Gen. John Campbell, Commander in Afghanistan and Serial Liar

Report from the Frontline of Resistance in America

Europe’s Crisis: Terror, Refugees and Impotence

The Arc of Instability

Will Chess, Not Battleship, Be the Game of the Future in Eurasia?

A Yale Education as a Tool of Power and Privilege

Yahweh is Not Exactly Politically Correct

The Values of Jesus

Justin Trudeau and Canada’s Mining Industry

America’s Spirit, Syrian Connection

Who’s Afraid of ISIS?

Deadliest Terror in the World: the West’s Latest Gift to Africa

UN Climate Talks 2009: a Merger of Interest and Indifference

45 Years: A Rumination on Aging

Escape From New York: the Emancipation of Activist Cecily McMillan

Vive la Résistance

Our Solar Bonanza!

Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe and the Death of Ezra Schwartz

A Politics of Stupid and How to Leave It Behind

British Austerity: Cutting One’s Own Backyard

Cameron’s Syrian Strategy

How Terror in Paris Calls for Revising US Syria Policy

Class, War and David Cameron

Same-Sex Sellout in Ireland

Terrorism on American Soil

Bank Crimes Pay

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