Michael Welton

Michael Welton retired from Athabasca University.  His recent books include Unearthing Canada’s Hidden Past: a Short History of Adult Education and Adult Education a Precarious Age: The Hamburg Declaration revisited.

The Great Derangement: Amitav Ghosh’s Text For Our Times

A Cold Current Runs Through American Foreign Policy

The Critical Theory of Pope Francis III: The Human Roots of the Ecological Crisis (Laudato Si)

The Critical Theory of Pope Francis II: The Gospel of Creation (Laudato Si)

Excluded, Encircled and Threatened: Stephen Cohen Puts the US Under the Spotlight For Its Treatment of Russia In The 1990s

The Critical Theory of Pope Francis I: Laudato Si, On Care For Our Common Home

Taking Aim at Criminalizing Russia: Stephen Cohen Challenges A Rampant Mania

Taking Aim At Maidan Myths 2018: Stephen Cohen Challenges Fictional Narratives

Taking Aim At US Follies and Media Malpractices 2016: Stephen Cohen Takes on the Hawks

Taking Aim at Putin: Stephen Cohen Contests the Myths

Taking Aim at Ukraine: How John Mearsheimer and Stephen Cohen Challenged the Dominant Narrative

Alternative Vision of a New Global Order

Examining The Progress of the United Nations Towards a Post-National Constellation

Habermas on the Three-Tiered Model of Global Governance Without World Government

The Crisis of the Nation-State in the Age of Globalization

Habermas on the Kantian Vision of Perpetual Peace

Ancient Dreams: “I Am A Citizen Of The World”

Habermas On Karl Barth And Other Heavy-Hitting Theologians

Social Theory in the Age of Catastrophes: Engaging Seyla Benhabib

A Final Word or Two From the Wise Old Philosopher

Surveying the Wreckage of the World and Wondering Where Habermas Fits in These Days

Ryerson Toppled, Ryerson Reassembled

An Entangled History: Christianity Faces Off With The Enlightenment

Canadian Christians And Secularists Contest Including God’s Name in the Un Charter of 1948 and the Canadian Charter of 1982

Sorrow, Shame and Rage: the Wretched Legacy of Canada’s Residential Schools

A Cry of Hope in the Absence of Hope

The Agony of Bernard Harcourt

Spirituality in a Postmodern Age

They That Hate Me Without a Cause

Tongues as Sharp as Snakes

Down in the Dirt With Bruno Latour

Judge What I Say, Not What I Do: Yves Engler On Canada’s Foreign Policy

Toppled Monuments and the Struggle For Symbolic Space

Listening, Conflict and Citizenship

What Does It Mean To Tolerate Others?

Sources of Hope in Habermas

Epistemic Democracy: Elizabeth Anderson and Deweyian Experimentalism

Getting Back to Socialist Principles: Honneth’s Recipe

“Into the World of Bad Spirits”: Slavery and Plantation Culture

Hopes Quashed: The Sudan Uprisings

Apocalypse Around Every Corner

The Delicious Language of Hilary Mantel

The Photographs of Thomas Moore and Quench

They Stripped Us of Our Clothes and Assigned Us a Number

Autobiographical Roots of Habermas’ Thought

Traversed by Tensions: Quebec’s Religious Symbols Law

Seeing the World Without Shadows: the Enlightenment Dream

Empowerment as an Ethical Endeavor

Christianity is the Religion of Imperialism

Fundamentalism as Speechlessness