August 2013

Faux Progressivism

Betraying Khavaran

Why Oliver Stone Came to JeJu, Korea

My Surveilled Life

Taper Turbulence

Until Our Dying Day

Fear Spreads Through Palestinian Camps in Syria

Reflections on 50 Years of Struggle

Manning, Snowden and the U.S. Coup in Iran

The Gainesville 8

Three by Linh Dinh

An Official Rejoinder to Paul Larudee

Looking, Seeing

Ode to a Revolution

The Specter of Another Clinton Presidency

The Fight is On in Brazil

Autumn in America

March Against the Genocide of Black People in Brazil

What the Irish Hate About Bono

The History of a One-sided Dialogue With Todd Ashker

Racism and the Movement to End the Israeli Occupation

Why a Left Movement Has Never Really Happened

Hollywood and Black America

Socialist Breakthrough Highlights Path for Independent Politics

The Bitter End of the Arab Spring

The Case of Spain

13 Things the Government is Trying to Keep Secret From You

Egypt: Educating the Empire

The "Looney Left"

Working-Man’s Death and Multitudinous Struggle

The CIA Came at Night

Beautiful Noize

The Gold Mines of Colombia

The Virtue of Chelsea Manning

The Terrifying World of Electronic Monitoring

Forward to Fascism?

The Move to Gut French Pensions

Crimes and Punishment (or Not)

The Right to Remain Silent in an Age of Mass Surveillance

You Failed to Break the Spirit of Bradley Manning

The BLM: a Wholly-Owned Sudsidiary of ExxonMobil

In the New Egypt, ‘Mabahith Amn ed-Dawla’ Means Geheime Staatspolizei

Murder By Proxy

35 Years for Manning; 35 Cheers for US Hypocrisy

Bradley Manning, Crimes Against Humanity and the Values of International Law

My Friend Todd Ashker, Hunger Striker at Pelican Bay


On Egypt’s Class-Struggle

DC, the War Crime Capital

The Dark Nuclear Lesson of Entergy v. Shumlin