Tom Gill

Tom Gill edits Revolting Europe.

A Storm is Brewing in Europe: Italy and Its Public Finances Are at the Center of It

Spain’s Left Turn?

The Cold Chill of Reality Returns to Italy

Austerity, Macron-Style

Italy’s Water Crisis is a Private Affair

Is Macron Already Faltering?

Return of the German Reds?

Portugal’s Top Oligarch Goes Down in Flames

Berlusconi’s Acquital

Italian Union Leads Campaign Against EU Austerity Compact

A New Spanish Republic Denied

French Left Go for Syriza Effect

The Euro Elections: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Plot to Topple Berlusconi

Europe’s Banking Union: the Big Fix?

The Battle for France’s National Industry Jewel

How Europe’s Budget Straightjacket was Born

The Revolt Against Hollande

France’s Tax Revolt

Is it All Over for Silvio?

The Move to Gut French Pensions

As Greece Burns

Is There a Future for the German Left?

A Victory for Secular Education in Italy

Spain’s Indignados Movement at the Crossroads

France: Amnesty for Bosses, None for Workers

The Scourge of Beppe

Beppe Grillo and Italy’s Five Star Movement

Why Has Berlusconi Bounced Back?

French Austerity and the New Les Misérables

Europe is Revolting

Fast-Tracking Evictions in Spain

In the Republic of Yachts