Poet’s Basement

Editorial Note: (Please Read Closely Before Submitting) Poets Basement is now on Facebook. Find us ashttp://www.facebook.com/poets.basement. To submit to Poets Basement, send an e-mail to CounterPunch’s poetry editor, Marc Beaudin at counterpunchpoetry@gmail.com with your name, the titles being submitted, and your website url or e-mail address (if you’d like this to appear with your work). Also indicate whether or not your poems have been previously published and where. For translations, include poem in original language and documentation of granted reprint/translation rights. Attach up to 5 poems and a short bio, written in 3rd person, as a single Word Document. Expect a response within two months (occasionally longer during periods of heavy submissions). Submissions not following the guidelines may or may not receive a response. Poems accepted for online publication will be considered for possible inclusion of an upcoming print anthology. For more details, tips and links to past installments, visit http://crowvoice.com/poets-basement. Thanks!

Three Poems by Ali Znaidi

Three Poems by Khai Q. Nguyen

Poems by Ramsey & Corseri

Biotechnology by Ellen Taylor

Three Poems by Gahlia Phillips

Three Poems by Wayne Amtzis

Freddie Gray’s Spine

Squiers, Hyde & Strauss

Joan Kresich

Lee Roscoe & Kevin Heaton

Corseri and Williams

Three Poems by Andres Castro

Three by Liz Axelrod

Sonnets by John Lowther

Three Poems by Howie Good

Romero and Vongsaravanh

Davies and Orloski

Three by DJ Moser

Tirado, Carter and Orloski

Lupinetti, Orloski & Davies

Fleck, Gaffney and Trowbridge

Manuelidis, Orloski & Kangalee

Three Poems by Chris D’Errico

Three Poems by Jyothsnaphanija

Spence, Haeder and Beaudin

Milanović, Pereira and Scully

Three Poems by Charlie Bondhus

Young, Hruška-Cortés & Tirado

Ngengi, Kelly and Behroozian

Newton, Stone and Jeffers

Three Poems by William Farrell

Wakoski and Smith-Ferri

Three by Linh Dinh

Anderson, Orloski and Lojeski

Marlin and Davies

Gaffney and Corseri

Grayson and Orloski

Three Poems by Kevin LeMaster

Three Poems by Silva Zanoyan Merjanian

Three Poems by Robert Davies

Three Poems by Paul Lojeski

McCormack and Larrea

Tirado, Rajapakse & Corseri

Three Poems by Mark A. Murphy

Castro and Orloski

Davies and Beaudin

Three by Paul Lojeski

Klimenko, Chatterjee and Vongsaravanh

Bethany W. Pope

Orloski and D’Errico