July 2007


The Fish Terminator

Return to the Republic of Death?

Dancing in the Darkness

Assholes of the Week

Bush’s Real Agenda in Palestine

Battle for the Soul of Florida

In Spite of Everything

Good News is No News

Irish in America: a Language Lost and Found

A Warning to Tony Blair

Zapatista Intergalatica Lands on Earth

Four Million Iraqis on the Run

Independent Counsel Time

Rotten Justice

American Lies and Iraqi Nationalism

Now the New York Times Sells "Bloodbath" as a Rationale for Staying in Iraq

Free the San Francisco 8!

Handwashing and the Bottomline

Prohibitionists Attack, Reformers Fundraise

The Hollow Environmentalism of Leonardo DiCaprio

Fund the Wounded, Not the War

Empty Rhetoric from Congress

Sports Illustrated’s Vilification of Barry Bonds

Declaring the US a Battlefield

Bombing Pemex–Or Not?

Farm Based Camps

Gaza was a Gas for Blair

Living Green on the High Plains

A CHIP Off the Old Blockhead

Apartheid Americana

Netroots and the Iraq War

Media Spin on Iraq

How to Win in Iraq

Showdown Over Executive Privilege

Ward Churchill and the Regents at the University of Colorado

Bush Policy Pushes Lebanon to the Brink of Civil War

Argentina’s "Dirty War" Crimes Trial

Why the Pentagon’s Guantánamo Study is a Joke

The Siren Song of Elliott Abrams

Tour de Witch Hunt

Gerson’s Crusade Against "Low-Hanging Fruit"

Gains and Losses at Guantánamo

Hillary’s Neocon

What Harry Reid Doesn’t Know About His Own Bill

Bonobo Bashing in the New Yorker

A Bomb in My Briefcase?

God Acquitted!

Come to Kennebunkport!

The Sad Decline of John Conyers