Diane Christian

DIANE CHRISTIAN is SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor at University at Buffalo and author of the new book Blood Sacrifice. She can be reached at: engdc@acsu.buffalo.edu

Righteous Killing

Condom Morality

Condom Morality

Looking at Torture

The Poetics of Perversity

War Corrupts


Facing Death Politically

God Does Not Love the Aggressor

Why Killing Saddam Backfired on Bush

The Rape of Iraq

On Retaliation

Zarqawi’s Face


The Authority to Kill

License to Lie

Sharon’s Stroke

Abortion and the Politics of Death

The Politics of Death: Assassination

The Politics of Death

Bad Blood


The Christmas Christ

The Other Cheek

Death Tolls

The Language of Goodness

The Gates of Hell

Hostage Tactics

Big Men


War Rules

Holy Places

The Priesthood of Death

Sovereignty and Freedom in Iraq

Morality and Death

Images & Abstractions & Genitals

Blood Spilling

The Passion Story

Ideals and Sex Rules

On Lying

Of Warriors and Liberators

Wishing Death

Evil Acts and Evil Actors


Bad Guy / Good Guy

Good Killing and Bad Killing

Who’s the Real Enemy?

Ends, Means and the Present Tense in Iraq

A Scene in an Obscene War

A Day of Reckoning