John Ross

JOHN ROSS’s El Monstruo – Dread & Redemption in Mexico City is now available at your local independent bookseller. Ross is plotting a monster book tour in 2010 – readers should direct possible venues to

A Ding-Dong Year for Death in Mexico

The Torture Bandwagon

The Next Mexican Revolution

"Viva Mexico! Let’s Go Kill Some Gachupines!"

The Barrenderos of Mexico City

The Case of the Mysterious Disappearers

Starving for Justice

Lovefest in the Zocalo

Lovefest in the Zocalo

Killer Governor Falls

In the Basement of Mexican Justice, No One is Innocent

Drug Cartels Win Mexico’s Super Sunday Elections

Left Writers as Endangered Species

An Uprising of Bones

Mexico’s Gaza

The World Cup as Maximum Weapon of Social Control

Savaging Turtle Island

The Big Snatch

The Feminization of Mexican Agriculture

East Coast Breakdown

The Big Scam

Time-Traveling Down the Mississippi

Frozen Heartland to Spring Thaw

Riding the Spine of America

Phantom of Mexican Narco-Guerrillas Haunts U.S. Security Chiefs

Death Waltz Across Texas

Dead Man Walking in California

Mexican Church and State Go Nose to Nose Over Who Can Marry Who

Who’s Who in Mexico’s Narco Wars?

The Silence of the Sub

The Silence of the Sub

Mexico Welcomes 2010 With Bombs and Riots

Where the Holidays are a Cruel Hoax

Tragicomedy in Ixtapalapa

Loose in Obamalandia

The Timeline for a New Mexican Revolution Comes Due

Hot Oil!

Legalize It!

Three Years Later, Brad Will is Still Dead

Chronicle of a Tormenta Electrica, II

Chronicle of a Tormenta Electrica

War on Mexican Women

Wave of Anarchist Bombings Strikes Mexico

Chomsky in Mexico

Mexico Convulsed by Paranoia

Mexico Loses Its History

President’s Day in Mexico

Mexico’s Plagues

Mexico’s Supreme Court Tosses a Bombshell into Chiapas

The Three Amigos Summit