September 2001

What’s Africa Have To Do With The Eventsof September 11?

Bombs in 48 Hours?

Waiting For the Missiles to Fall

The Pentagon’s Blueprint

When Language Fails

Now for a Note of Good Cheer

Backlash and Backtrack

Waiting for the Real War to Start

War, Oil and Renewable Energy

All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

Ridge Scheduled As New Veep

Taliban Prisoners on Bin Laden

Cashbox Diplomacy

Taliban Prisoners on Bin Laden

Why the Attacks May Have “Failed”

Hitchens at War

Black Tuesday

The Meaning of bin Laden

Endless War


With the Northern Alliance

The Fate of Reagan’s Freedom Fighters

“Draining the Swampof Terrorists”

The Fate of Reagan’s Freedom Fighters

Hitchens and American Innocence

Bring Me the Head of Nostradamus

Terrorism and Nonviolence

Bush’s Wars

Unlimited War?

A War Prayer

Bush’s Holy War

Faceless Enemies

Falwell Regrets, Robertson Ducks

Occupation and Resistance

If Bush Were Serious About Wiping Out Terrorism

Law or Vengeance?

Myth and Reality

A Speech George W. Bush Could Give to the Nation

No Time for Cowboy Politics

Pakistan’s Vise


A Lone Voice of Dissent

Attack Bolsters Nuke Lite Lobby

A Lone Voice of Dissent

Blowback Strikes US

Cry Havoc

Dies Non, Not Dies Irae

Interviewing Chomsky

The Need for Dissent

Countering the Lynch Mob