Edward Said

Edward Wadie Said was a Palestinian American academic, literary critic and political activist. A professor of literature at Columbia University, he was among the founders of postcolonial studies.

Of Dignity and Solidarity

Naquib Mahfouz, 9/11 and the Cruelty of Memory

Dignity, Solidarity and the Penal Colony

The Imperial Bluster of Tom Delay


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Of Dignity and Solidarity

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The Other America

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Immediate Imperatives

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Punishment By Detail

Palestinian Elections Now

Crisis for American Jews

The Future of Palestine

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Emergine Alternatives in Palestine

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Naguib Mahfouz and the Cruelty of Memory

Suicidal Ignorance

A Way Out of the Middle East Impasse

Backlash and Backtrack

There Are Many Islams

There Are Many Islams

Israeli Occupation As Violence

Freud, Zionism, and Vienna

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