Steve Horn

Steve Horn is a freelance investigative journalist and Research Fellow at DeSmogBlog, where this piece first appeared.

Obama Administration Muzzling Its Scientists

Keystone XL Contractor Bribed Chinese Agency

“I Hate That Oil’s Dropping”

Gulf-Bound Tar Sands for Export?

Bush Family Play Central Role in Lawsuits Against Denton, Texas Fracking Ban

New Report Casts Doubt on Fracking Production Numbers

The Tar Sands Trade War

FERC Hands Enbridge Permit for Tar Sands by Rail Facility

White House Argues Against Considering Climate Change on Energy Projects

Long Beach Votes to Export Coal and PetKoch

All Aboard: Tar Sands-By-Rail

“Bomb Trains” Safe At Almost Any Speed

Green Billionaires Club?

Obama Administration Exporting Climate Change by Exporting Coal

Obama Leasing Millions of Gulf Acres for Offshore Drilling

Bomb Trains

Muddy Waters for Keystone XL South

How Enbridge is Quietly Cloning the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Obama White House Quietly Coddling Big Oil

ND Ethics Law Potentially Broken on Petraeus Fracking Trip

Keystone XL Vulnerable To "Terrorism"

Obama Goes Green?

Red Carpet Rollout for Gen. Petraeus’ Fracking Field Trip

Petraeus’ Fracking Field Trip

Energy Executive Admits Fracking Linked to Climate Change

Mexico’s Looming Fracking and Offshore Oil and Gas Bonanza

Mexico’s Looming Fracking and Offshore Oil and Gas Bonanza

Tar Sands Flowing to Gulf in Keystone XL South

Williams Suspends Bluegrass Gas Export Pipeline

The “Good Neighbor” Charm Offensive

ExxonMobil Tar Sands Spill and Now a Tornado

Joe Biden Promotes U.S. as Fracking Missionary Force

Earth Day Greenwash

Alaska Gas Scandal is Out-of-Country, Not Out-of-State

Introducing TransCanada’s Keystone XL for Fracking

Introducing TransCanada’s Keystone XL for Fracking

The Blue Engine Behind Fracked Gas Exports PR Blitz

BP Doubles Initial Size Estimate of Lake Michigan Oil Spill

Three Energy Export Congressional Hearings, No Climate Change Discussion

ExxonMobil, Russia and Ukraine

A Record 36% of North Dakota Fracked Gas Flared in December

Pentagon Calls Climate Change Impacts “Threat Multipliers”

ALEC’s Fracking Chemical Disclosure Bill

Inside Keystone XL’s Northern Leg

State Dept’s Keystone XL Contractor OK’d Controversial Pebble Mine in Alaska

President Frack-a-Lot


Federal Pipeline Safety Agency Approves Startup of Keystone XL Southern Half

Stink Tanks

Inside the Largest Fracked Oil Spill Ever

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