Kenneth Surin

Kenneth Surin teaches at Duke University, North Carolina.  He lives in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Return to Houston

2018 Electioneering in Appalachian Virginia

The Official Inquiry Into London’s Grenfell Tower Fire

Visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Malaysia’s Surprising Election Results

The UK’s Windrush Immigrant Scandal

The Blight of Ukania

Still Smearing Jeremy Corbyn

Smearing Jeremy Corbyn

Lucrative Dealing in the Age of Austerity

HMS Blighty Shipping Water, Badly

Brief Impressions of the Sri Lankan Conjuncture

Impressions of India, Via Chenai

Poverty American Style

A Margaret Thatcher Statue in Parliament Square?

Bigger in Texas

En Route From Virginia to Texas

Do I Live in a Banana Republic?

Selective Impressions of the New Zealand-Aotearoa Conjuncture

The Racket That is American Collegiate Athletics

Discussing Trump Abroad

Back in Ukania, Redux

Sharpening the Contrasts: From Greece to NOV

Greece Today

Rural American Vignettes

Uber Takes a Hit in London

A State Assembly Race in Rural Virginia Gains National A

London Taxi Driver Chat

Ukania This Time Around

John “Jock” Cronin, an Almost Forgotten WWI Soldier

Tony Blair in Wonderland

Narratives of Decline Among the US and UK Elites

Revisiting Baudrillard’s “America” in the Age of Trump and the Kardashians

Unending UK Brexit Scenarios, Including Chlorinated Chicken From Trumplandia

Come Fly the Unfriendly Skies

Brief Impressions of the Canadian Conjucture

Meet Rep. Morgan “The Morgue” Griffith

Theresa May and the Tories are in Freefall

Brief Impressions of the Singaporean Conjucture

Brief Impressions of the Singaporean Conjuncture

Sometimes Our Nightmares Don’t Come True: the Tories Lose Their Majority

Brief Impressions of the Malaysian Conjuncture

Can the Impossible Happen in Britain?

The UK’s Epochal Election

Hate as a Rational Political Category

With Theresa “Goody Two Shoes” May, What You See on TV Won’t be What You Get

The UK General Election, Corbyn’s Vilification and Labour’s Possible Fight

The “Calm, Determined, Stronger, Fairer” UK Brexit Zig Zag

Kicking Them While They’re Down: What Trump is Doing to Appalachia

The Bankers’ Free Lunch Continues

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