Joseph Natoli

Joseph Phillip Natoli’s The New Utrecht Avenue novel trilogy is on sale at Amazon. Time is the Fire ended what began with Get Ready to Run and Between Dog & Wolf. Humour noire with counterpunches. .

In the Looming Shadow of Civil War

The Dialogue of Divisiveness

Trump on the March

The Battles Now

The Vox Populi

A Voting Calculus

Something Wrong

Gaming the Climate

Can Trump Be Beaten, Regardless?

The Mad King in His Time

“Get Out of the President’s Way!”

Trump Unbound

Can We All Keep Ourselves From Being Crazy?

No Strategies to Erase Damage Already Done

The Oscar Goes to: a Brown, Gay and Socialist Challenge to the Autocrat in the Room

Two Roads Diverged

Will Trumpism Outlive Trump?

What is It About the American Character?

Tribal Justice

Twitter: Fast Track to the Id

Up Ahead

The Age of Misrepresentations

The Public Mind

A Disingenuous Congressional Election Ahead

First Amendment Rights and the Court of Popular Opinion

The Reptilian Brain Rules Now

Denmark First

What Merit in the Meritocracy?

Damage Done

That’s the Problem: Nothing Proves Anything

The War Within, Without Psychographics

The Hope and Reality of Change

A Most Profitable Marketing Frontier: the Construction of Inevitability

Who’s Guilty and of What?

Broken Lives

In the Post-Truth Classroom

Bottom-Feeders with Low Information

Strange Alliances

Robots Can Stand the Heat

The ‘Worlding’ of the Party-less

What to Worry About and What Not to Worry About

The Axioms of the Other

The Time Was and Remains Ripe for Trump, the Trumpians and the Republican Shills of Plutocrats

Riches, Racism and Recuperation

The Politics of Narrative

Easy Access to the Abyss

Trump’s End

Choosing the ‘Arteries that Make Money’

The Mythos Meme of Choice

Our House of Cards