Eve Ottenberg

Eve Ottenberg is a novelist and journalist. Her latest book is Birdbrain. She can be reached at her website.

Industrial Food Production and the Pandemic

The Scourge of Herd Immunity

How Trust in a Covid Vaccine Eroded

Fascism’s Twisted Take on Climate Change

How the U.S. Military Deformed Science

Provocation on the High Seas: U.S. Naval Adventures Near the Shores of Russia, China and Iran

Surprise! Still No Economic Relief from Washington

Trump Tries to Change the Subject From Covid to Violence

The Latest Covid Testing Sabotage

The COVID Heroism of Cuban Doctors

Only Medicare For All Can Beat Covid

Trump’s Plan: Gut Social Security, Bankrupt the States

Fixing the COVID Numbers

Climate Change is Genocide

The Antifa Bogeyman

Freedom vs. Public Health: a False Dichotomy

Bounty Tales

Re-Organizing Labor

Avoiding War With China

Quashing the Vote

Police Brutalize the Press

Killing Workers (and Customers) – With No Liability

Common Preservation or Extinction?

Factory Farming on Hold

The Covid-19 Testing Fiasco

As the Earth Dies…

Rich Corporations Get $500 Billion, No Strings Attached

The Small Business Loan Racket

The World’s Most Unfair Health Care System

Starving the Cities and States

Homeless, Hungry, Waiting for Government Help

Amid Plague, Sanctions are Genocide

Capitalism vs. Humanity

Prisons are a COVID-19 Petri Dish

Journal of the Plague: Year One

Police Torture in Chicago

Socialism and the Failures of Capitalism

The Way Forward

The Torture Called Solitary

The Crime of Progress, the Crime of Caste

The Lies of Capitalism

Race Riots

The Case for Socialism

Solidarity and Manufacturing

Our Dying World

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