Will the Ukrainian War Turn Nuclear?

For a U.S. military conversation about the potential for nuclear weapons to be used in the Ukrainian war, listen to this December 28 podcast from War on the Rocks: Nukes, Negotiations, and Lessons From the War in Ukraine.

In an interview with three faculty members of the U.S. Air and Space Force’s Air University, War on the Rocks founder Ryan Evans weighed in himself with the thought that the war is not “ready for nukes yet, which isn’t to say it’s not going to happen.”

The conversation that followed offers what appears to be a frank exchange on the chance that Putin will turn to nuclear weapons in Ukraine, and if he did, how other nations would respond.

To sit in on the conversation, click on this link  (the nuclear discussion begins @ 14:40 minutes from the start of the interview).

The three officers interviewed are Mark Conversino, professor, chief academic officer, and provost of Air University in Montgomery, Alabama; Anna Batta, associate professor of International Security Studies at the university’s Air War College, and Andy Akin, assistant professor of National Security Studies at the university’s Air Command and Staff College.