Citizens Must Remove Trump From Office

Familiarize yourself with the hashtag #OutNow, it is refusefacism.org’s message: “In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America!” Their goal is seeing the Trump/Pence regime gone—now. The protests in Los Angeles and New York to be held on October 19th will showcase this necessary cause—there is no higher form of patriotism than protest and dissent against politicians and policies that harm humans and our environment—and no cause more noble than the effort to save humanity from the most corrupt Whitehouse administration in history.

I have written about the need of the people to peaceably assemble in calling for a return to American values a number of times and I feel there is no greater use of my time than there is in calling on my fellow citizens to take to the streets and tell this conman: “Donald Trump, you’re fired!” The people have the power, and we must exercise our power when the system of checks and balances fails (as it is).

There is no more waiting to be saved. The numerous instances of obstruction of justice identified in the Mueller Report on Russian interference in the U.S. Presidential election convinced everyone who read it. The partisan divide is preventing too many from doing their jobs. They care about mob-like loyalty pledges, they do not care about the oaths they’ve sworn to the offices they hold.

With each new exposure the public sees more corruption and more abuse by the White House. The corruption, however, has not buried Trump, it has only buried the other egregious stories of corruption and scandal—Trump profits from misdirecting military flights to random places where military personnel then stay in his resorts. Trump alters a weather map with a Sharpie, lying about it, and then has his cabinet member threaten to fire any NOAA personnel who correct him. Trump pays off porn stars with whom he has had affairs (while married to Melania). Trump coerces foreign leaders to find bogus dirt on his domestic political opponent. Trump blatantly misappropriates funds from his erstwhile “charitable” organization. This list could go on and on. It is numbingly fraudulent and as corrupt as any banana republic ever was, the First American Kleptocracy.

Listing off the series of offenses—crimes against humanity—might make a person of conscience feel hopeless. Where does a person start? Inventing immigrant invasions, which have inspired mass shootings… Putting innocent children—separated from their families—in cages… Dozens of accusations of sex crimes and assaults… Illegal payoffs to cover-up affairs and infidelity… Lies of a scale unheard of, period.

In the name of humanity, it is necessary that people rise up, take to the streets, and resist.

While Trump has been corrupt throughout his tenure, the danger he presents has grown as has the destruction he has caused. In the last week he gave a green light to Turkey, less than a day later the genocide of our ally had started. This is different for the other atrocities he ignores and promotes. From Trump’s children-in-cages at our southern border to Trump’s slaughtered Kurdish children at the Turkish-Syrian border.

Protecting the Kurds in Northern Syria was an absolute no-brainer, the certainty amongst security professionals something like the 99.3 percent scientific consensus on human-caused climate change. Turkey has been clear about their interests and motivations, and the role of Kurds for stabilizing the region and containing imprisoned members of ISIS is beyond dispute. Trump is acting in the clear interest of Putin, as Russia continues to woo Turkey away from NATO; now Trump has given Turkey its genocidal opportunity and Turkey thanks Putin for making Trump do his bidding again.

Trump’s horrible lack of ability in problem solving and negotiation pales in comparison with current atrocities; blowing up the excellent diplomacy and statecraft of the Iran deal—does not compare with the mangled bodies of innocent children whose families fought for us. This is why #OutNow has elevated to absolutely necessary status. Trump is so clearly acting for his own profit and the betterment of other states like Russia that neglect of our civic duty to see him removed from office actually represents the death spiral of democracy.

If Russian-funded and supported Trump-gargoyles like Ron DeSantis, Kevin McCarthy, and Mitch McConnell have their way, then Russia gets a great bang for their buck. Their partisan plot has jammed up the legislative branch—no doubt about it—they have prevented measures with 90 percent (and more) public support from getting a vote… they have prevented Supreme Court nominees from getting a vote… they obstruct, prevent, stifle, … and they clearly have motivation for defending Trump.

If people do not stand up, then it is clear that foreign money and influence will continue. The implications of such corruption exaggerating the demise of climate protections and democratic institutions are a horror I do not want to imagine.

If people do stand up, then it is also clear what will happen. The damage slows. Some damage is irreparable, but the chance for healing also begins.

The healing will only come when the people take responsibility for solving the problem. The years of divisive rhetoric have taken a toll, and some of the messaging has been absorbed and the world has been watching. The apathy and inaction echo the worst events in history, you cannot continue to call yourself a good person when you’ve been willing to ignore… we’ve ignored and allowed so much… Citizens must remove Trump from office in the name of humanity, both the world’s and our own, otherwise there is no denying the genocide we are complicit in—removing Trump from office is the means for washing the blood from our hands.

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