Kushner Seeks to Complete Nakba: a Note to Israeli Ambassador Danon

On Monday June 24th, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon laid out his case for Palestinian surrender to Israeli settler colonialism, white supremacy, apartheid and genocide in the land between the river Jordan, the Mediterranean Sea, and beyond.

Danon’s article is impressive as a condensed version of Zionist propagandaand historical revisionism. He pleads with Palestinian leadership to submit to a “new approach” and details his reasoning for why the United States, with its economic, diplomatic, political, military and ideological ties to Israel should be, yet again, trusted by the Palestinians in forging a path toward their liberation.

Danon’s appeal is the equivalent of a rapist demanding the submission of his victim under the threat to her life.

The sole purpose of Kushner’s “plan” (i.e. setup) is to justify future annexation of the occupied West Bank and the atrocities it entails by presenting Palestinians as the recalcitrant party, unwilling to engage in “peace efforts” or “compromise”.

Predictably, US President Donald Trump has abandoned all pretense of serving as a neutral intermediary, and Israel’s far-right government has seized the opportunity to complete the Palestinian Nakba once and for all.

(Originally written as a letter to the editor at the New York Times.)

Yoav Litvin is a Doctor of Psychology/ Behavioral Neuroscience. For more info, please visit yoavlitvin.com/about/