Oh, It’s Worse than That – The Geopolitical Synergy and Synonymy of ‘Nakba’ in the 21st Century

The 1948 Palestinian exodus, also known as the Nakba (Arabic: النكبة‎, “al-Nakbah”, literally “disaster”, “catastrophe”, or “cataclysm”) occurred when more than 700,000 Palestinian Arabs fled or were expelled from their homes, during the 1948 Palestine war. The term “nakba” also refers to the period of war itself and events affecting Palestinians from December 1947 to January 1949.


It is so difficult to ‘understand’ the chaos or catastrophic events occurring in the early 21st Century without reference to the concept of ‘Nakba‘; in particular the plans of two individuals, Richard Von Coudenhove – Kalergi, often referred to as one of the Founding Fathers of Europe, and Oded Yinon – whose 1982 strategic document can be interpreted as qualifying him as one of the Founding Fathers of ‘Greater Israel’?

This has proven to be a difficult article to compose; somewhat akin to a ‘tip toe’ thru an ideological minefield where the concept of ‘ideological valence’ prevails aspectual of the ‘power of mind over mind’ as Jeremy Bentham described the concept of ‘Panopticon’ back in the Eighteenth Century. Ideological valence is construed here as a product of propaganda, being the association of certain ideas with pejorative or approvable connotation, and linked, thru hegemonic concept such as ‘corporate line’ with the contingencies of reward or punishment?

The euphemism ‘Globalization’, alas, but a ‘Panopticon’ representing a hegemony  which now in process of being ‘click built’ rather than ‘brick built’ such the control and issue of ‘currency’ – this in line with the Corporatist, technologically facilitated intermediation of communication and the concept of ‘cultural hegemony’ as perGramsci  –  and such the synonymy as ‘Return On Investment’ explicates? ‘Who pays the piper calls the tune’, so it goes utilitarian.

Of the few remaining innocent pleasures in the early 21st Century there remains that of ‘speculation’ as an ‘idiosyncrasy’?

Spirit in which this small article written one of freedom of expression as enshrined within ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ which as a Democratic ideal is paralleled way of ‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité‘?

Such Democratic ideal demands questions be permitted, as much as ‘Orthodoxy’, sense of Orwell’s sublime definition of same to synonymy as the ‘death of thought’, be refuted? A large part of the meaning of ‘alternative media’ is as to diverse interpretation and margins of tolerance? Unfortunately the times we live in exhibit an increasing devaluation of diversity as but one expression of austerity as a ‘work in progress’ – the ultimate Nakba being ‘Ecocide’?

That is, as Orwell put it further reflective of perspicacity instanced as most unwelcome to Corporatism and neoliberal orthodoxy: ‘In a time of Universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act’?

It is undoubtedly difficult, such the ‘currency’ as controlled and issued contemporaneous as  ‘with ease’ extrapolated upon by way of debauchery as quantitative, to obtain an English translation of Coudenhove-Kalergi’s‘Praktischer Idealismus‘ (Practical Idealism) written in 1925, in which he detailed the importance of a homogeneity by way of cultural miscegenation and the transcendence of ‘European’ sense of identification – such transcendence being as above identification with formerly individual Sovereign States  –  a sovereignty as increasingly ‘sacrificed’ towards a greater Geopolitical entity or ‘power bloc’ as ‘Europe’ represents?

What remains clear as acknowledged, despite the austere ‘Fog of War’, is that Coudenhove-Kalergi was the first recipient of the ‘Charlemagne Prize’; which awarded annually for service to ‘European Unification’, and thru this award Coudenhove- Kalergi amongst, to such hegemony, such illustrious figures as Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, and most recently, Emmanuel Macron.

Context of ‘Globalization’ as construed herein: any transcendence of ‘National Sovereignty’ is of Geopolitical Utility by way of the imposition of ‘progress’ towards a supra national or larger geopolitical structure as ‘unifying’ by way of entailing conformity or obedience to greater as more incorporative authority , with this alongside the suppression of ‘diversity’ as  Sovereign Nations can represent? The common apperception of ‘greater authority’ under a hegemony is the quintessence of Geopolitics as ‘Empire’ building – and here ‘Empire’ is as much concerning of mind or phenomenology as of the terra firma of geographic territory when it comes to conformity to rule?

I must, I must increase my trust’ – as satirical paraphrase of Émile Coué in context of ‘self censorship’, ‘Newspeak’ or ‘false news’ – so it goes Geopolitical?

Individual ‘trust’ as can be abused by authority as a ‘power of mind over mind’ as this multimedia version of Python Song amusingly explicates, is as an attempted ‘Nakba‘ from individuality instanced – an individuality as finds expression most often in asking questions which Pynchon so wittily differentiated?

Strap lines such as ‘Hope and Change’, Make America Great Again’ – reflect such a desired trust in a promise?

Accordant; ‘The Charlemagne Prize’ apperceived  here as subjugate to  a strategy of Globalization by way of contingency – and an algorithmic gradualism towards the imposition of ‘unified command structure’ as an objective. The strategic synergy of ‘Greater Israel’ with ‘Europe’ in context of Globalization as a ‘unified command structure’ and in sense of warfare a ‘killing of two birds with one stone‘ is contended for by way of the congruence discerned between two geopolitical plans as a ‘hidden agenda’.

That Europe currently undergoing a forced change of ‘Demographics’ by way of ‘Nakba‘ as economic migrancy expresses; and that such consequential of a war waged on ‘Sovereignty’: this no matter of ‘happenstance’ – but rather product of a political desire abbreviated as ‘Globalization’ – and as to a ‘New World Order’ formative?

In economic context, the concept of ‘surplus labor’ has clear utility?

This utility one of a transfer of resources in a neoliberal sense from the poor to the rich as an obscenity; where ‘surplus labor’ as generated facilitates an excess of supply over demand with commensurate benefit for Transnational or Global Corporations, way of ‘labor’ viewed under orthodoxy as but a ‘cost’ to be driven down under hegemonyakathe power of mind over mind?

The relationship between economic migration and the cost of labor in macroeconomic context is a key issue when it comes to ‘Globalization’ and the concept of ‘Nakba‘?

That is, an austere environment of engineered desperation as surplus labor can facilitate, to point of divide et impera furthered, is a more conducive environment for hegemony to be exercised? The division is selective such sense as the concept of ‘corporate line’ explicates ‘rule’?

Given that ‘technological displacement’ by way of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is about to really start to ‘motor’, it seems that ‘Globalists’ of the neoliberal variety have all the bases covered such the gravitas; such the polarization as the obscene concept of ‘surplus population’ as a neoliberal extrapolation upon ‘surplus labor’ explicates?

‘Synergy’ at a Geopolitical level as contended here between the plans of Coudenhove-Kalergi and Oded Yinon arises (‘Kalergi Plan’ and ‘Yinon Plan‘ respectively) – other than  based on the concept of neoliberalism as ‘useful idiocy'(?) –  thru entailing ‘warfare’ as a polymorphous concept expressing  ‘enforced migration’ and ‘regime change’ as abominations as profitable – ‘Europe’, ‘Greater Israel’ and The ‘USA’ as Geopolitical phenomena are in such sense synonymous such the subjugation to ‘Globalization’ as a Corporatist phenomenon?

‘Warfare’ seen here as polymorphous or many formed; while there a clear relationship to ‘Greater Israel’ between the ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria – with Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia and Iran ‘waiting in the wings’ for ‘explication’ to point of obscenity being as per the ‘Oh, it’s worse than that’ revelations of Wesley Clark concerning military theater of war as ongoing?

It is no matter of happenstance that applications for asylum in the European Union by Syrians, Iraqis and Afghanis constitute the majority – and this is just the case with the officially recorded instances of migration – as ‘furthers’ both the Kalergi and Oded Yinon Plans?

It is so difficult to understand the chaos or catastrophic events occurring in the early 21st Century without reference to ‘Quantitative Ease’ as an expression of the synonymy of ‘Nakba‘ as a ‘debauching of currency’ as Keynes phrased? (The hyperlink provided reflects an admiration for the link between Keynes and Copernicus)

Can the grasp of ‘synonymy’ as an idiosyncrasy of apperception be Revolutionary?

Apperceived so subjugate, ‘quantitative ease’, other than being a form of ‘Junk Economics’in which Killing the Host’ a form of ‘Nakba‘ as ‘Junk Politics’  – way of drive from share of wealth and political representation thru ‘fiat currency’ as controlled and issued applied; is accordant a means of expropriating as by a hidden pick pocketing of ‘share’ – and as such subjugate to a ‘transfer of resources’ from the majority to a small minority as truly austere?

It was no less an illustrious figure than Baron Louis de Rothschild whom introduced Coudenhove -Kalergi to the philanthropy of Max Warburg, such the extrapolation upon the ‘control and issue of currency’ instanced?

The Federal Reserve was established as an instrument of ‘Nakba‘, and as to ‘the control and issue of the currency of a nation’, in 1913?

It nigh on impossible to understand the genius of Mayer Amschel Rothschild without reference to his quote as to the importance to private interests concerning the permit to control and issue the currency of Nations?

– Are questions such as these permitted yet, such the ‘currency’ contemporaneous as would be controlled and issued?

‘Greater Israel’ as a geopolitical work in progress is a ‘development’ upon Israel – and it is impossible to ‘understand’ Israel without reference to ‘The Balfour Declaration’, which begins:

Dear Lord Rothschild,‘?

-The elimination of ‘bio diversity’ as is manifestly in process is the ultimate ‘Nakba‘ – which to achieve apotheosis in ‘Ecocide’?

For the very concept of ‘Nakba‘ is abominable to Democracy: as much as the polymorphous nature of same ‘Nakba‘ which ‘Globalization’ represents a drive from ‘homeland’ as much as so clearly would benefit a small minority at the expense of the Democratic majority; and as much as transfer of resources as a euphemism is represented by a Corporatism founded at the level of sine qua nonupon denial of Democracy by way of an economic ‘Apartheid’ as expressive of the pursuit of profit  and power as pathological as Bakan explicates?

The stumbling block en route to ‘Greater Israel’ has proven to be Syria, courtesy of Russian, Iranian and Lebanese intervention – and with China waiting in the wings? Unlike as with the Nakbaas concerns Israel for which there a growing American support for denial of ‘right to return‘, the Nakba of Syrians as congruent with both the Kalergi and Yinon plans, and as Russia primarily in process of defeating, recognises a right to return.

‘We’, sense of Zamyatin, alas, live in dark times – as much as there a ‘Darkness at Noon’ as of Koestler wrote?

But digression.

Back to the Geopolitical synergy of plans as instanced and as to ‘Nakba‘, and to how ‘Greater Israel’ exhibits a synergy with ‘Europe’ as Supra National or ‘Geopolitical’, concerning Oded Yinon and Coudenhove-Kalergi as but ‘dots’ connected. Concerning the relationship between Greater Israel and Europe; it was Colonel Gaddafi in 2011 who made the plea to NATO that they were ‘bombing the wall that stopped African migration in to Europe’ – he was evidently under the misapprehension that such migration was Geopolitically as undesirable to himself and the ‘Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’he represented as to the greater power bloc which NATO serves?

Unlike the case with General Wesley Clark there was no one to tell Colonel Gaddafi:

‘Oh, it is worse than that‘?

Mundane contemplation can be revolutionary as contingent upon the power of mind over mind denied, and this amplified by the new Gutenberg Galaxy of ‘Cyberspace’ to which such as ‘YouTube™’ represents an accumulation such the speculation?

There a geopolitical synonymy also to what is planned to happen to ‘YouTube™’ as much as with ‘Google™’, ‘Facebook™’ and other such ‘social media’  – as another small article shall contend concerning the synonymy of ‘Nakba‘.

The noose draws tighter, such the snare geopolitical as panopticonic does it not – or is ‘denial’ preferable?

‘Globalization’ as the power of mind over mind to be extrapolated upon to point of an apotheosis; at that point the elimination of thought as resistive and such the orthodoxy embraced there shall occur ‘Ecocide’ as the ultimate Nakba– this as to a determinism of Corporatism in which ‘Never  signed up for this!’ to be  further repressed  way of ‘censorship’?

– Because ‘censorship’ is what it is all about as any ‘Nakba‘ pragmatically explicates denial; as a catastrophe of a selective drive from ‘homeland’ – and the key here is one of synonymy?

The change of ‘homeland’ as both ‘Greater Israel’ and ‘Europe’ entail by way of ‘Nakba‘ extrapolated upon is as much a change of ‘currency’ as was entailed by the Dollar as ‘changed hands’ sense of authority in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, as the Euro ‘changed hands’ in 1999 such sense?

As to when the Pound Sterling ‘changed hands’ this a matter of speculation; the point being that ‘control and issue of currency’, as identified by Mayer Amschel Rothschild, is a form of ‘Nakba‘ – being as all ‘Nakbas‘ as polymorphous demand a selective ‘redistribution of resources’ of clear utility concerning an ‘Agenda’ as would be ‘hidden’?

America, Europe, and the United Kingdom are drawing closer to the obscenity of Apartheid as Israel represents; this as much as the concept of ‘Nakba‘ being driven as ‘austerity’ into the heart of what formerly a closer approximation to Democracy and diversity, but which increasingly, such the transfer of resources as selective drive from ‘wealth shared’, becoming an austere ‘Apartheid of Corporatism’?

Such austerity is polymorphous; it is as the silent, subliminal beat of a heart of darkness which would be so censorious, such the synonymy of ‘power of mind over mind’?

For the lines of Corporatism would have no ‘between’ as to be idiosyncratically read- there is no philanthropy in the polarization of resources as Nakba epitomizes?

This,  as much as there no ‘happenstance’ in synergy between the plans of Coudenhove-Kalergi and Oded Yinon, such the ‘worse than that’?

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