Killing the Host – Digital Book


Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy

By Michael Hudson

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“Neoliberalism and austerity economics have thrived under the mystification of their vaporous ideology, which induces vertigo for most of those who try to understand the perilous gear works of its machinery. This manufactured opacity has served as an operational smokescreen for decades of looting by banks, investment houses, hedge funds and their political frontmen, with savage consequences for working people around the globe. At last, Michael Hudson, our country’s most lucid and astute economist, has given us a Rosetta Stone to translate the mumbo jumbo of the dismal science. “J is for Junk Economics” is must reading for the 99 percent of us who awoke to find ourselves on the losing end of the new predatory capitalism. This indispensable book will educate you, infuriate you and chart the way toward more just and equitable future.”

—Jeffrey St. Clair, editor, CounterPunch, author of Born Under a Bad Sky

Published by CounterPunch, 2015.  356 pages.

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