December 2001

An Alternative to War in Iraq

The Most Precious Gift

Going Nuclear in Iraq

Can’t Forget the Afghan Dead

Inviting Future Terrorism

No Holiday for Iraq

Observing George Bush

On the Recognition of Death

Palestinian Children Bear the Brunt of Mideast Violence

Consumers Unite!

Where’s Osama?

Year of 2’s

In Praise of Unspeakable Things

Believe It or Not

Israel’s Human Righs Record

Why I Resisted the Draft

War as Diversionary Tactic

Enron and the Green Seal

War is Working for Bush:

The First Victim in the War on Terror

Foundations Without Representation?

Letter to Secretary Rumsfeld on Military Commissions

Who Opposes the War?

Palestine and You

Clash of Civilizations?

Civilian Casualties: Theirs and Ours

Killing Other People’s Children

Who Opposes the War?

Arabs Viewed as Dangerous By Definition?

Afghan Refugees: 1983-2001

Afghan Refugees: 1983-2001

The Execution of Osama bin Laden

Zinni’s Doomed Mideast Mission

Zinni’s Doomed Mideast Mission

Naguib Mahfouz and the Cruelty of Memory

Bush the Unilateralist

Osama Gump?

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Hitchens and Walker, the Betray Brothers?

The Nonsense Mantras of Our Times

Prohibit Prohibition

Afghanistan and Zaire

Ashcroft’s Jihad

University of Wisconsin Will Not Aid in Interviews

Race and Visibility:

Cleansing the National Soul

Iraqi Sanction’s Gruesome Toll

My Beating is a Symbol of this Filthy War

Death Penalty and Race

The CIA Wanted Me Killed