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alexPureWhen I met Alexander Cockburn, one of his first questions to me was: “Is your hate pure?” It was the question he asked most of the young writers he mentored. These were Cockburn’s rules for how to write political polemics: write about what you care about, write with passion, go for the throat of your enemies and never back down. His admonitions remain the guiding stylesheet for our writers at CounterPunch. Please help keep the spirit of this kind of fierce journalism alive by taking advantage of  our matching grant challenge which will DOUBLE every donation of $100 or more. Any of you out there thinking of donating $50 should know that if you donate a further $50, CounterPunch will receive an additional $100. And if you plan to send us $200 or $500 or more, CounterPunch will get a matching $200 or $500 or more. Don’t miss the chance. Double your clout right now. Please donate. –JSC (This photo of Alexander Cockburn and Jasper, on the couch that launched 1000 columns, was taken in Petrolia by Tao Ruspoli)
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Yes, these are dire political times. Many who optimistically hoped for real change have spent nearly five years under the cold downpour of political reality. Here at CounterPunch we’ve always aimed to tell it like it is, without illusions or despair. That’s why so many of you have found a refuge at CounterPunch and made us your homepage. You tell us that you love CounterPunch because the quality of the writing you find here in the original articles we offer every day and because we never flinch under fire. We appreciate the support and are prepared for the fierce battles to come.

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Archives from February 2008
Pakistan for Sale
  “They never forget. They’ll come after me. Not now, but later. The military never forgets. Never,” warns Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa, a “Pakistan Scholar” at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and author of the incendia...
Playing the Race Card
The ’08 electoral dirty-tricks season has official begun. The Drudge Report’s recent posting of a photograph of Barack Obama wearing a white robe and turban presented to him by elders in Wajir, in northeastern Kenya, signals the wrenching-up to the nex...
Incident at Turkey Point
A s many as two million Floridians were blacked out yesterday by a series of grid malfunctions that forced shut two atomic reactors south of Miami and renewed nightmares of a radioactive catastrophe. The chain of events should serve as yet another serious warning ...
The Big HRT
A reduction in a jury award for a drug that caused cancer from $134 million to $58 million would not normally be cause to rejoice. But it has not been a normal year for hormone maker Wyeth. The Madison, N.J. based drug company faces 5,300 Prempro and Prem...
Confessions of a Gitmo Guard
A psychiatrist who has treated former military personnel at Guantánamo prison camp is telling a story of prisoner torture and guard suicide there, recounted to him by a National Guardsman who worked at Guantánamo just after it opened. Dr. John...
Canada in Afghanistan
The Harper government is seeking to prolong Canada’s military involvement in Afghanistan. So far, Canada has spent six years, billions of dollars, 78 young lives (many more wounded) and inflicted unknown casualties on that country. The terms used to ...
Condi vs. Putin on Bullying Belgrade
The Reuters headline on February 23 reads: "Rice holds Serbia responsible for US embassy attack." Reading this I couldn’t help thinking about the ultimatum delivered to the Belgrade government in July 23, 1914 by representatives of the Austr...
The Electoral Circus and Nader’s Sideshow
Once again, Ralph Nader has made a commitment to enter the electoral arena as an "independent." Given Nader’s consistent and courageous positions on the corporate corruption of daily life in the United States, his perspective will always be of crit...
How Ohio Got Nuked
Ohio is poised to do its thing as the ultimate swing state. On March 4 it may, along with Texas, choose the Democratic presidential nominee. Tragically, the candidates will campaign in a state whose economic future has been nuked. Once a great indust...
Neo-Liberalism and Protectorate States in the Post-Yugoslav Balkans
An interview with Tariq Ali conducted by GLOBAL BALKANS in the fall of 2007 that sets the context for the most recent developments in the politics of neoliberal transition and the new protectorate states in the post-Yugoslav Balkans, as well as examining the lega...
Menetrez’s False Allegations
Frank Menetrez, in "The Case Against Alan Dershowitz" on the CounterPunch website, absurdly repeats the politically motivated and false charge that I committed plagiarism by quoting Mark Twain and citing to the origina...
Ralph Nader vs. the Fundamentalist Liberals
We live in scary times. And no one scares me more than the faux-liberals of today. They are a most intolerant mob that has become so dislodged from logic that they’d rather gaze reverently at the false packaging of hope than seriously contemplate the issues ...
The Dom Perignon Socialist Manifesto
Last September Bernard Arnault, chairman and CEO of the luxury conglomerate company LVMH, held a little "do" to mark the 60th birthday of the couture house of Dior. He spared no expense, with Dom Perignon champagne, caviar, 75 waiters for 25 tables, 14 c...
A Death in Damascus
It was another car bomb in the Middle East, the victim this time one of those "notorious terrorists" seemingly generic to the landscape. Hezbollah’s Imad Mughniyeh died February 12 in Damascus as he lived most of his forty-five years, in that world...
Bernanke’s Failing Policies
The National Association of Realtors reported January existing home sales sank to 4.890 million from 6.380 million a year earlier, and the average price was $201,100, down from $210,900 or 4.6, percent from a year earlier. In December, sales were 4.910 million and...
General Welch’s Whitewash
A new report on the August 30 incident in which six nuclear-armed advanced cruise missiles were effectively "lost" for 36 hours, during which time they were, against all regulations, flown in launch position mounted on a pylon on the wing of a B-52H Stra...
Waterboarding is Merely Unpleasant … Right?
"This government does not torture." - George W. Bush All right! Waterboarding is a very unpleasant experience, which is sometimes fatal. I can also imagine that a small percentage of root canals are fatal, but no o...
James Orange, Civil Rights Legend
On February 16, 2008 we lost the Reverend James Orange. He was 65. And what a remarkable sixty-five years they were! His funeral was on February 23 at the International King Chapel on the Morehouse College campus. It is one the few chapels in Atlanta that could ac...
Why I’m Running
The following is a transcript of RALPH NADER’s appearance on Meet the Press on Feb. 24, 2008. MR. RUSSERT: Will you run for president as an independent in 2008? MR. NADER: Let me put it in context, to make it a little more palatable to people ...
Iraq Broils
A suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt in a tent filled with Shia pilgrims walking to one of their holiest shrines south of Baghdad, killing at least 40 of them and wounding 60. The attack shows that al-Qa’ida has restarted its bombings of Shia ...
Kucinich Goes Down
Dennis Kucinich has long been known as the conscience of the U.S. Congress and is a hero for many on the left. Vehemently opposed to the Iraq invasion, continually pressing for protection of labor rights and for serious action on climate change, against co...
A Bloody Oil Film
and FARRAH HASSAN "There Will Be Blood" implicitly warns against fanatics in an era when one form of that breed occupies the White House and other major mountebanks consume countless daily hours of TV and radio time. "I see the worst in p...
Kosovo and the Empire Crazies
The hypocrisy of US government officials is boundless. On February 18, the US government inflamed Serbians by recognizing Muslim separatists in Kosovo, a historic province of Serbia, as an independent country. Two hundred thousand Serbs marched in protest and the ...
The Foundations for Permanent War
Few developments in Iraq have been less reported on than the United States’ plans for permanent military bases. Most of the powers that be in the Republican and Democratic parties do not seem to see these bases as a problem. Quite the contrary, the bases, co...
Unions Under Assault
There are two "wars" going on in this country, each of which has the power to dramatically affect the future of working people. One is the war being waged by organized labor, seeking (through membership drives, lobbying and political contributions) to ex...