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Dave Zirin

Colin Kaepernick and Symbols of Resistance

This time Eric welcomes back to the show Dave Zirin to discuss his latest book “The Kaepernick Effect” which explores how Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel sparked a movement for social justice and became a universal symbol of resistance and rebellion against white supremacy and injustice. Eric and Dave also discuss several sports issues, including the future of baseball in an age of extreme inequality and profit-driven baseball executives who care little for the game. Don’t miss this great conversation with the one and only Dave Zirin on CounterPunch Radio.

Michael Roberts

US Imperialism After Afghanistan

Marxist economist and author Michael Roberts returns to CounterPunch to discuss the state of US imperialism following the end of the Afghanistan War and how it relates to the profitability of capital in the 21st Century. He also explains the capitalist nonsense called the Austrian School of Economics, and provides his predictions for the global economy in the coming decade.

Robert Hunziker

The Climate Apocalypse

Environmental and climate journalist Robert Hunziker joins CounterPunch+ and CounterPunch Radio to discuss his latest writing about the climate apocalypse unfolding around us. Eric and Robert discuss the Arctic emergency, methane nightmares, the toxic planet, the anthropogenic rocketship, the death of our coral reefs and wetlands, and so much more. Don’t worry, there’s a little inspiration at the end!

Eileen Jones

Leftist Films and the Death of Indie Cinema

On the latest CounterPunch Radio: Film critic and host of the Filmsuck podcast, Eileen Jones, stops by to chat with Eric about American movies, the birth and death of indie cinema, why so many movies are so bad these days, and, of course, her Top 5 films all leftists must see.

Paul Street

Trumpism, Bidenism, and Other Lethal Ideologies

This week Eric welcomes back to the show CounterPunch regular Paul Street to discuss Bidenism, Trumpism, and other contagious diseases. Paul doesn’t hide his contempt for all the right people, so listen today and subscribe to CounterPunch+ where you can read all of Paul’s writings.

Scott Parkin

Indigenous-led Climate Activism

Scott Parkin, a climate organizer and Counterpuncher, joins Eric to discuss climate activism and the indigenous-led resistance movement against pipelines in North America.

Mike Gravel (RIP)

A Tribute Episode (1930-2021)

On this special episode of CounterPunch Radio, Eric pays tribute to former Senator Mike Gravel who passed away this week at the age of 91. The interview was recorded March 5, 2013 just hours after the news of the death of Hugo Chavez. Gravel was a man of principle who used his position in the US Senate to fight against the draft and the War in Vietnam, and who famously used used his filibuster to read the Pentagon Papers into the congressional record, thereby making the revelations about US crimes in Vietnam US historical fact, rather than something consigned to history books. Mike was an anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist though he never used those terms. He cared deeply about ordinary working class folks, and he believed it was his duty to help regular people understand that democracy is the goal rather than something already existing.

Rest in peace Mike. We will continue the fight.

Ramzy Baroud

Israel’s Genocidal Agenda and Palestine’s Liberation Struggles

In this emergency podcast, Eric welcomes back author, journalist, and CounterPunch contributor Ramzy Baroud to discuss the latest Israeli aggression against the Palestinians, the political and social significance of the Palestinian uprising and solidarity movements around the world, and the global significance of what’s happened. Ramzy details Israeli ethnic cleansing, the genocidal agenda, and the importance of Palesitnian agency in their struggle for liberation. Don’t miss this important discussion on CounterPunch Radio.

Medea Benjamin

The U.S. War Machine and an Empire’s Stability

This week Eric welcomes antiwar activist and founder of peace organization Code Pink, Medea Benjamin, to discuss Biden and the state of US imperialism today. The conversation explores everything from Biden’s role in reestablishing stability for the Empire to the ways in which the US war machine continues its crimes all over the world. Eric and Medea discuss the situation in Yemen, the Biden Administration’s posture towards Iran, the shifting narrative on Palestine, drones as weapons of mass destruction, and so much more. Don’t miss this great chat with one of America’s leading antiwar voices on CounterPunch Radio!

Dave Lindorff

The Cultural and Political Significance of Mumia

This week Eric welcomes to the show veteran journalist and CounterPunch contributor Dave Lindorff, who is also the author of the groundbreaking book “Killing Time: An Investigation into the Death Row Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal” (2002). Eric and Dave discuss the political and cultural significance of Mumia and his case, as well as the circumstances regarding his case and the misconduct by the Philadelphia establishment. They also touch on everything from Mumia’s relation to Black Lives Matter and contemporary social movements to the importance of political prisoners in the US as leaders. The conversation also explores Biden and the continuity of US imperialism, China as a manufactured enemy, and the inability of the Left to understand China. Don’t miss this week’s episode!