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Sumedha Pal – Episode 138

This week Eric welcomes to the show New Delhi-based journalist Sumedha Pal to discuss the situation in Kashmir and the political context within which it should be understood. The conversation begins with important background on the conflict: the history, stakeholders, and domestic politics. Sumedha explains the rise of PM Narendra Modi, the forces backing him, and why he and the far right Hindu nationalists have made this move on Kashmir now. From there, the conversation explores everything from the role of capital and the ruling class in backing Modi, the actions and mobilization by the left in India, the reactions from Pakistan and China, and so much more. Don’t miss the in-depth discussion of one of the most important and dangerous conflicts in the world today.

Music: FONTAINES D.C. – “The Lotts”

Dean Wareham – Episode 137

This week Eric welcomes to the show singer, songwriter, and composer Dean Wareham to talk music, politics, and CounterPunch. Dean tells us about his rock and roll journey, including his bands Galaxie 500 and Luna, and what he learned about contacts, money, and “The Industry.” Eric asks Dean about the state of music today, how it changed with mp3s and streaming, and whether things are better or worse than “the good old days.” Dean explains how he first found CounterPunch and why music with a political edge is so important. This was a fun conversation with a great CounterPuncher, don’t miss it!

Music: Luna – “Chinatown”

Robert Hunziker – 136

This week Eric welcomes back journalist and CounterPunch contributor Robert Hunziker to discuss his recent articles on Greenland and sea level rise. Hunziker explains how a recent Arctic heatwave paints a terrifying picture of our climate change future. Melting ice, rising seas, a world in chaos…and the President doesn’t even believe it’s real. How do we live for the future through this nightmare? Eric and Robert counsel each other through it all on CounterPunch Radio this week.

Kelly Weber – Episode 135

This week Eric welcomes to the show Ohio-based activist and teacher Kelly Weber to discuss her successful infiltration of the Trump rally in Cincinnati, what it was like demonstrating amid a sea of racist hate, and why she and her friends felt compelled to do it. Kelly gives us a glimpse into the nightmarish reality of Trumpism, including the casual racism, the violence, etc. Eric and Kelly discuss the trajectory of the rallies, and whether Kelly sees them getting more extreme (Hint: she does, and they are). Finally, Eric and Kelly discuss her upcoming trip to the border to provide food, medical care, and other necessities to migrants languishing in the purgatory of Border Patrol’s jurisdiction. We are on the brink of a truly terrifying new world. Kelly’s seen it and she’s here to tell us CounterPunchers all about it.

Samuel Stein – Episode 134

This week Eric welcomes to the show author and academic Samuel Stein to discuss his new book “Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State.” Eric and Samuel explore the rise of the real estate state, the role of capital in urban planning, and the connection between real estate and financial speculation. Samuel explains how zoning and other tools are utilized by capital to enforce political and social order. The second half of the show examines gentrification, land use and profitability, and the recent struggle in NYC against Amazon which was in large part a tenants rights struggle. And, of course, Eric and Samuel place Donald Trump in proper context as the ultimate real estate scumbag turned Commander-in-Chief. That and so much more in the latest CounterPunch Radio!

Music: Leadbelly – “The Bourgeois Blues”

Arun Gupta – Episode 133

This time Eric welcomes back to the show journalist and author Arun Gupta to discuss the No More Concentration Camps movement which he helped organize. Eric and Arun discuss the impetus behind the call to action and the immediate response both from social justice advocates and corporate and independent media. The conversation covers a lot of ground: the failures of the corporate press on this issue and throughout the Trump era, the role of tech companies in providing the tools and know-how for ICE and the deportation machine, the historical precedents of what we’re witnessing today, and so much more. Don’t look away! Don’t scroll past it! This issue cuts to the heart of what it means to have compassion and a commitment to social justice, and we’re glad to air it here on CounterPunch Radio.

Music: Heaven 17 – (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang

Andom Ghebreghiorgis – Episode 132

This time Eric welcomes to the show Andom Ghebreghiorgis, a progressive educator in NY running to unseat the pro-war democrat Elliot Engel in NY’s 16th congressional district. Andom discusses his political outlook and why he’s made antiwar politics central to his platform and campaign. Eric and Andom explore some of the power behind Engel, why it’s so critical to defeat him, and whether foreign policy and issues of war and empire even have a place in a local race. From there Andom explains his perspectives on education policy, Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party, US policy in Africa and much more. A fun conversation with a young progressive candidate this week on CounterPunch Radio.

Music: The Coup – “Ride the Fence”

Mike Fox – Episode 131

This time Eric welcomes back to the show Brazil-based multimedia journalist Mike Fox to discuss all the latest political earthquakes coming from Brazil in the wake of The Intercept’s blockbuster reporting on leaks within the government. Mike explains the background of the scandal that led to former President Lula’s imprisonment and the rise of the fascist Jair Bolsonaro, and why these recent leaks seriously damage the credibility of the government itself. Eric and Mike explore everything from the response of the social movements and activists to the erosion of Bolsonaro’s base in the face of this scandal. Mike also presents some important information to consider moving forward in the weeks and months ahead, including how students and others are organizing around Lula and against pension reforms. So much packed into this conversation. You won’t find this analysis anywhere but CounterPunch.

Music: Linton Kwesi Johnson – Fite Dem Back

Michael Yates – Episode 130

This time Eric sits down with author and publisher Michael Yates whose new book asks the critical question: Can the working class save the world? Michael helps us understand the questions his book set out to answer, including how we define the working class, how the working class has changed in recent decades, and how it can be organized to change the world. Eric and Michael discuss the importance of internationalism in uniting struggles and fighting global capitalism, including the centrality of anti-imperialist, anti-racist, and anti-patriarchy politics in any labor struggles. The conversation touches on a wide range of subjects related to workers, the working class and class consciousness, all so critical in this time of ever worsening exploitation. Don’t miss this week’s CounterPunch Radio!

Music: The Coup – Laugh/Love/Fuck

Boris Kagarlitsky – Episode 129

This week Eric welcomes to the show Boris Kagarlitsky: Marxist theoretician, sociologist, political dissident, and chief editor of the Russian-language online journal (The Worker). Boris provides his analysis of the current political landscape in Russia including the recent upsurge in protests around pension reform and other economic and social issues. He also explains how Russia in 2019 is not like the Soviet Union but Mexico in the 1970s; how Putin’s Russia is free but not democratic; and how there may be an opening for left politics in Russian political life as Putin’s popularity and control begin to slip. The second half of the show features a discussion of Ukraine’s recent election, how Russian propaganda around Ukraine is both accurate and also distorts the reality of the country, and how the contradictions at the heart of Ukraine remain at the heart of the conflict in the East. You’ll find this level of analysis on Russia, Ukraine and many other issues nowhere else but CounterPunch!

Music: Max Romeo – “Socialism Is Love”