Dean Baker

Dean Baker is the senior economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC. 

Fixing the Housing Mess

TARP and the Deficit Hawks

A Crew of Incompetents

It’s Too Bad Keynes Didn’t Write in English

Lending and the Big Banks

The Greek Crisis

The Flight of the Deficit Hawks

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The New War on Social Security

The Big Break Up

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The Housing Bubble and the Washington Crew

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The Holes in the Fed

Rules of the Game

Stop Calling It a Financial Crisis

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The Power of Stupidity

Dysfunctional Democracy

The Savvy Mr. Blankfein

No Way Out

We Won’t Get Tarped Again!

Making the Banks Pay

The Case for Bernanke

Big Bank Theory

The Undignified Death of the Washington Post

Bernanke and the Corruption of Washington Culture

Easy and Fun Money

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Obama’s Nuclear Option on the Yuan

How to Raise $140 Billion a Year From Wall Street Banks

Don’t Touch the Banks!

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Won’t You Please Come to Chicago?

Unemployment Up, Wages Down (But the Banks Have Been Saved … Sort Of)

Medicare Buy-In

The Unsung Heroes of the Financial Crisis

Bernanke’s Bad Money

Bank Profits Are Up

The Reappointment of Bernanke

Why Don’t We Globalize Health Care?

Right to Rent

Séance on Wall Street

Stimulus Arithmetic

The Green Shoots are Dead

Making Financial Regulation Work

Reporters With Pom-Poms

Waterboard the Fed

Waterboard the Fed