Lorenzo Wolff

LORENZO WOLFF is a musician living in New York. He can be reached at: lorenzowolff@gmail.com

The Ladykillers of Metal

Music, Lyrics and the Void Between Us

Stoic Soul

Catching Ziggy on the Lower East Side

Hoarding William Bell

Recession Punks

From MySpace to the Billboard Charts

At the Side of the Frontman

The Vulnerability of Lauryn Hill

A Fistful of Your Own Teeth

Rap That Threatens … and Endures

Transparent Pink

Dialing Up The Clash

In Defense of the One Hit Wonder

Riding the Rails with King Curtis

There Ain’t Much to Country Livin’

When Music’s the Character

The Way It Felt the First Time

The Sound From England’s Gutters

A Voice Like a Newsreel

Craving Diversity

Intent to Discord

Good Head

Dylan Kelehan Gets What He Needs

My Problem with Led Zeppelin

Killer Virtues

Surprisingly Familiar

Three Minutes of Perfection

A Song for the End of the World

Getting Beyond the Black-and-White

Pat Boone Syndrome

Manic Levity

Taking It From the Streets

Live Truth

So You Wanna Be a Garage Rock Star

Desperation in an Unavoidable Groove

Freaking Out With Danny Barnes

How Cee Lo Green Sells Soul

Playing Down a Bad Reputation

Jurassic Radio

An Album That Lives Up to Its Cover

What They Sing About When They Sing About Love

Joe Ely, the Fighting Rooster of Rock

Joe Ely, the Fighting Rooster of Rock

Does Coldplay Give a Shit Anymore?

So You Want Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star…

Troubled Songs of Home and War

A Battle Cry for the Confused and Vulnerable

When Country Got Real

Zach is Back