John Feffer

John Feffer is the director of Foreign Policy In Focus, where this article originally appeared.

Is America Crazy?

Trump: Out of the Graveyard and Into the Pyre?

The GOP’s Sinister New Nationalism

Boris Johnson and the New Battle of Britain

Trump’s Send-Them-Back Doctrine

Pyongyang on the Potomac

Trump’s Bluster Diplomacy

On Iran, Its Trump vs. Trump

Deep Fakes: Will AI Swing the 2020 Election?

Democracy Faces a Global Crisis

The Misadventures of ‘Tariff Man’

Bolton in Wonderland

The Threat of Political Climate Change

Global Game of Thrones

The Ends of Arms Control

What’s Driving Bolton’s Attacks on the “Troika of Tyranny”?

Trump and the Global Rise of the Christian Right

Mueller, Russiagate and the 2020 Elections

After Trump

The World’s Most Dangerous Divide

The Trump/Kim Bromance: It’s Gross, But Let’s Hope It Leads to a Third Date

Answering Attacks on the Green New Deal

The Psychology of the Wall

Trump’s at War With Intelligence…and For Once He’s Right

Trump Punts on Syria: The Forever War is Far From Over

Will Trump Rule by Decree?

Globalists Really Are Ruining Your Life

Review: Season 2 of Trump Presidency

‘Get Me Outta Here’: Trump Turns the G20 into the G19

Is Korea’s Cold War About to End?

Sanders’ “Progressive International” Isn’t Very…International

Why is the Radical Right Still Winning?

There’s a New Crash Coming

The GOP Wants Trumpism…Without Trump

The Best of All Possible Worlds

Trump’s Korean Shell Game

Playing Trump for Peace How the Korean Peninsula Could Become a Bright Spot in a World Gone Mad

The Banality of Gina Haspel

Two-Faced Trump: Peace in Korea, World War in the Middle East

Trump’s Trade War is About Trump Not China

The Fall of the House of ISIS

Trump’s Shameful Enablers

Trump’s Unprecedented Right-Turn on Foreign Policy

Are Europe and the Middle East Both on the Verge of Unraveling?

Muslim Nations Are Rallying to Protect the Rohingya, What About the Rest of Us?

It’s Time to Make a Deal With North Korea

How Bush’s “New World Order” Became Trump’s “No World Order”

When the President is a Ponzi Scheme

The Racism Heard Round the World

Trump and the Geopolitics of Crazy

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