Time to End Trump’s Incredible Damage to Our Nation

Photograph Source: Fibonacci Blue – CC BY 2.0

For four long years, the United States of America has suffered the presidency of a narcissistic reality-TV actor incompetently playing his role as president. But finally this embarrassing charade of governance has come to an end.

Yet, incapable of handling the truth of his loss to president-elect Joe Biden, this spoiled man-child has spent the last two weeks since the election not serving the nation and dealing with the many intricacies of a presidential transition, but pouting, raging and refusing to acknowledge the reality that he lost. By doing so, he continues to ignore the very real needs of our nation as the coronavirus pandemic rages out of control, infecting, hospitalizing and killing record numbers of Americans every day.

The time has clearly come to move on and end, once and for all, the incredible division and damage this terribly flawed individual has inflicted on our nation.

Like far too much of Trump’s term in the White House, what’s happening right now seems like some fantasy that turns one of the world’s leading democracies into a Banana Republic. He’s already blown the doors off the Treasury and looted it for his personal enrichment and that of his family and corrupt cronies, just like any Third World dictator. He has threatened public servants for doing their jobs, telling the truth and standing up for the Constitution they vowed to honor.

In the meantime, we are all paying the price for his unforgivable ignorance in denying the overwhelming scientific consensus of mankind’s increasingly deleterious impact upon the planet’s environment and the undeniable evidence of more and larger hurricanes, disastrous floods, raging wildfires and the “third great extinction event.” What we have to show for his much-lauded “global energy dominance” is actually an economy on the rocks, with the oil, gas and coal industries bankrupted by the pandemic he also ignored.

He has insulted top level military officials and ingloriously removed them from their positions by Twitter because he didn’t believe they were being more loyal to him than to the country they’re sworn to protect. Again, that’s due to his total lack of understanding that this is a nation, not a business, and in the difficult task of governing one must treat those of differing opinions with respect — not expect them to jump like a dog at some imperial command. Even now, 130 members of the Secret Service, who pledged their lives to protect his worthless hide, are brought low by COVID due to his ego-driven need to hold close-contact, mask-less rallies to make him feel like the leader he never was and will never be.

Even worse, he continues to rage and “break things” on his way into the history books of infamy by firing top-level officials and embedding his puppets in jobs at federal agencies where they’ll be protected from dismissal by his successor. Nor are these minor agencies, but the FBI, the CIA and the Pentagon, creating what even Republicans are considering a viable threat to national security.

In the meantime, this most reckless of individuals ignores his job and hides from the media at his private golf courses. But reality will not be denied. The election is over; Trump lost, and as one wag put it: “Time for the Trump flags to fly at half-mast.”

We must unite now and move on to address the most serious threat to the nation since World War II — the tragic, needless and increasing nightmare of the deadly pandemic Trump allowed to proliferate while wallowing in his ignorance and arrogance.


George Ochenski is a columnist for the Daily Montanan, where this essay originally appeared.