Those Dasteredly Russians!

Those dastardly Russians! They are at it again!

What are they up to now? They are shipping medical supplies to the United States to help America deal with the Coronavirus crisis!

What could be worse than that? Imagine: Trying to befriend us again. Who do they think they are?

Those Russkies must think that we are the dumbest people in the world. We know what they are up to. They are just trying to lull us into thinking that they are our friends and then they are going to sneak into the United States, take over the federal government, restore the Cold War conspiracy to spread communism around the world, and convert America into a 100 percent Red nation.

We know who those Russkies are. They are our “opponents,” our “rivals,” our “adversaries,” and our “enemies.” At least that’s what U.S. national-security state officials have been telling us since 1945, after Russia, ironically, had been a close partner and ally of the United States during World War II.

And don’t forget Russia’s supposed intervention into the 2016 U.S. presidential election, with the aim of establishing friendly relations with the United States. Why, that was practically an act of war.

Don’t forget also Maria Butina, the young Russia woman who strived to establish friendly relations between Russia and the United States. Fortunately for us, the U.S. Justice Department  prosecuted her, secured a conviction, incarcerated her, and deported her before Russia succeeded to establishing good relations with the United States. Whew!

And I don’t want to get people overanxious, especially given the already high level of anxiety over the coronavirus crisis, but I do think it’s important to point out what China is doing to the United States. Yes, that China — the communist one, the one that was part of that Cold War international communist conspiracy to take over the world.

Well, they are doing it again! Russia isn’t the only one sending medical supplies to the United States. So are the Chinese Reds! Just a few days ago, the commies sent 80 tons of gloves, masks, gowns, and other medical supplies to the United States. Does anyone really think that Russia and Chine sending aid to the United States at the same time is a coincidence?

The audacity of those Chinese Reds! Don’t they know that they, like the Russkies, are our “opponents,” “rivals,” “adversaries,” and “enemies”? People just don’t know their place in life anymore.

But there are at least some people who see through what is going on here:

According to an article on, former diplomat Brett McGurk described Russia’s delivery of aid as a “propaganda bonanza.”

Graham Brookie, the Director and Managing Editor of the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, termed the aid “positive propaganda.”

Andrew Weiss, the Vice President for Studies in the Russia and Eurasia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said, ”There’s this constant effort to basically say that anything the West might be concerned about is unfounded.”

Another former U.S. official stated, “The Russians will fly in as many planes as possible to create the perception that we are reliant on Russia. If we keep accepting it, this makes us look weak and them look strong.”

I just hope that all that medical aid from the Russian and Chinese Reds isn’t coming inside giant wooden horses that have been made in Troy.