September 2015

Cuba’s Quiet Wealth: Why It is Needed

Single-Payer Health Care and the Case Against Clicktivism

Address to the United Nations

Jousting Over Syria: Obama and Putin at the UN

Meeting Raúl: a Night of Nearness and Hope for Cuba and the US

EU Court Advocate General Deals Severe Blow to NSA Surveillance

Fukushima: the World’s Never Seen Anything Like This

Bernie-Style Socialism is Still a Hand-Out to Capitalists

The Wicked War on Syria: Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words

British Collusion with Death Squads in the Muslim World

Shatila: Remembering the Massacre

Disaster Capitalism in Post Katrina New Orleans

Time for UN to Shift Its Mission in Yemen

The Realpolitik of President Jimmy Carter

Rumblings of Discontent in Saudi Arabia

The Corporations Make the Decisions, We Pay for Them

Carly Fiorina, Identity Politics and the Death of Feminism

Orwell at the UN: Obama Re-Defines Democracy as a Country That Supports U.S. Policy

Fund-Raising as the World Burns: Shell Drills the Arctic, Takes a Timeout and Big Green Declares “Victory”

The Curse of Totalitarianism and the Challenge of an Insurrectional Pedagogy

The Search for a Political Practice: Venezuela 2000-2015

Obama Deifies American Hegemony

UAW Votes on Fiat Chrysler Deal

A Tale of Two Visitors

G-Zero: US-China Relations in the Age of Xi

The Evolution of Malcolm X: His Philosophy in the Struggle Against Racism and Injustice

West Virginia Miners Play Second Fiddle to the Molly Maguires

Dr. Jamal Barzinji (1939-2015): In Memoriam

Ayotzinapa: One Year Later

The Death of the “Pacifist” Constitution: Japan’s Return to Its Martial Roots

How AIPAC-OFAC Are Working to Maintain Iran Sanctions

Fear, Trauma and Healing: a Scientific Analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian Relationship

Turning a Blind Eye to War Crimes in Yemen: a Letter From Robert Burrows, Louise Cainkar, Steve Caton et al.

Critical Support for What? A Reply to William Kaufman on the Left and the Sanders Campaign

Bubbles Always Burst: the Education of an Economist

Connecting $15 an Hour Movement to other Social Movements

Bernie Sanders: He’s Not Black, But He May be Your Brother

Francis’s Anti-Capitalism? An Organic Moral Order

The Devolution of Medicine: Turning Health Care Into a Business

Brainless in Washington

Saudi Royal Family: Protecting VIPs, While Letting Ordinary Pilgrims Die

“Do Unto Others”: Pope Francis’ Call to Action

I Knew Both Tom Hardys

Cuba: Notes on a History of Best Intentions

Workers Abroad: The Repatriation Problem

Stop Bombing Syria: a Letter from Mark Rylance, Brian Eno, John Pilger et al.

Frappuccino Society: How Starbucks and Subway Exploit Their Staff and Suppliers to Feed Corporate Profits

Israel’s War on Al-Aqsa

Markets Gone Mad

Ten Reasons to Oppose the Saudi Monarchy