Who’s in Charge of This Country?

Port au Prince sounds quiet. Rooster crows in the distance. Film crew up  early. The world has changed drastically for so many.

I saw a group from UTAH driving by on a truck. Track them down. They’ll help  you. Can’t remember if they were MEDS.

I’m not getting a real indication yet on food distribution. I can see that the lines are long. Who’s going to create employment?

I’m not getting ANY positive feedback on Haitian Gov. They’ve really done nothing to date. A lot of ISPAN controversy in Jacmel

People in Jacmel want a say in what happens to their homes .What’s up w/ ISPAN? Earthquake Samson brings out the best in us and brings out the worst in us.

AID, NGO’s, Bidding contracts, Political Positioning, PR, unemployment, homeless: Bill Clinton has a lot to sort out. New Team? or Old Team?

Haiti’s richest industrialists are across from Cite Soleil. Why are some so  poor and others so rich? Across the street! No one mentions this.

Has anyone taken a look at the living and working conditions in Croix Bossales?  Who’s in charge of this country and who advises them?

Haiti’s richest industrialists should spend one week a month with mops, brooms &  buckets in Croix Bossales to seehow their economy impacts others.

If Lobbyists for HOPE 2, current Tourism Min & Haitian industrialists are on  Bill Clinton’s short list for advisors then we’re in trouble.

If the same people running the Haitian economy are at the meetings, well, “Haitian economy”… need I say more!! Do we want a bigger pit?

The folks running the Haitian economy know how to do well for themselves… Who represents the rest of the folks?? Who represents Haitians?

If Bill Clinton is only here for the industrialists, then we don’t want Bill  Clinton. We want some one who’s going to do something for Haitians!

The Economic Elite of Haiti have already proven they can’t carry the Haitian economy on their backs. They’ve proven it. They do OK, that’s it.

This isn’t about “occupation”; it’s about finding a solution to get Haiti and Haitians on track.

Finally had a meeting with RAM musicians. It was good to see everyone. Some are  in tents. Everyone’s got a story. I like being in a band.

RICHARD MORSE runs the Oloffson Hotel in Port-au-Prince Haiti and the leads the Haitian band RAM.




RICHARD MORSE runs the Oloffson Hotel Port-au-Prince Haiti and the leads the Haitian band RAM.