Mike McCurry Flaks for Republicans

We stumbled across an hip and happening political web site today–www.37reasons.com.

That would be as in–37 reasons to vote for big business politicians.

This web site is so hip that it talks in riddles.

So, what is this web site all about?

“The reasons are being communicated. We expect you will make the appropriate decisions based upon their power of reason. You only have a limited amount of time to comply.”

Why are there 37 reasons?

“Action must be taken on or before the reasons expire. Your service and duty must be fulfilled by November 7, 2006. Your local authorities will be (sic) direct you to the appropriate location to complete your task before that time.”

Who is running this site?

“We are all part of the reasons and the reasons are part of everyone. The powers not delegated by the site are reserved to the people.”

Being part of “the people,” we decided to follow up on the question–who is running this site?

And it turns out that it is not being run by and for the people–it’s being run by and for the corporations.

Big corporations.

The web site itself doesn’t tell us this.

It’s all a big riddle.

But the first clue comes from the reasons themselves–only four of the 37 appear today.

Number 37–Stopping Environmental Zealots–who are trying to strengthen the Clean Air Act.

Number 36–Keeping Grandma Alive–thank you for Medicare Part D.

Number 35–Harnessing American Energy–let’s drill in Alaska and off the coasts.

Number 34–Stopping the Taxes Beyond the Grave–“If you have a small business, handing it down to your heirs intact is virtually impossible, due to this dreaded ‘Death Tax.'”

Get it?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out–vote for big business–primarily Republicans, but big business Democrats like Joseph Lieberman will do.

The question is, which corporate trade group or industry coalition is the riddler?

Well, a five second internet check indicates that 37reasons is being hosted by Grassroots Enterprise.

That would be the astroturf group–not real grassroots, but fake grassroots–whose board members include former Clinton press secretary Mike McCurry and Republican Congressman Randy Tate.

According to the group’s web site, grassroots.com, “Grassroots Enterprise works for a wide range of corporations, trade associations, nonprofit organizations, and industry coalitions to help them recruit, educate, and mobilize potential supporters.”

Apparently, they want to get young people to vote for the big business agenda–without letting young people know that big business is behind the project.

But who is the client that ordered this ingenious deception from McCurry and Company?

We suspect it’s a big business lobby.

And so the guessing game begins.

Business Roundtable?

Chamber of Commerce?

Republican Party?

A K Street Slush Fund?

Bill McIntyre of Grassroots Enterprise said he didn’t know and would have someone named John get back to us.

John didn’t.

Johanna Schneider of the Business Roundtable did not return calls seeking comment.

And then, just before press time, we get a call from Linda Rozett of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

“Yes, it is ours, but it’s not done yet,” she says. “It should be ready by next week.”

She said the site will be taken down soon, but back up next week sometime.

Rozett said that web site is part of the Chamber’s get out the vote effort.

“We’ll be encouraging people to vote, but not for any specific candidate,” Rozett said. “We’re not hiding our involvement with it. It will be announced when it is ready.”

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