May 2004

A War Crimes Avoidance Strategy

On Their Way to Abu Ghraib

The Secrets of Surveillance

They Fiddled While Nero Got the Matches

An Interview with Sasan Fayazmanesh

An Interview with Eddie Mustafa Muhammad

a Found Poem

Dave Brubeck on the Hypocrisy War in the Name of Freedom

What the Times Did was Bad; What It Didn’t Do was Worse

Get Ready for Kerry’s War

Questions, Questions, Questions

60 Years is Enough

The Approach May be Exotic, But It’s Hardly New

Jung Meets Bush

Made in the USA

Is L-Wop Truly Forever? The Awful Injustice to Tai Abreu

Don’t Let Bush Destroy Another Piece of Iraqi History

The Logical Outcome of Bush’s War for Democracy?

The New War on "Terror"

The Long Shadow of CIA Torture Research

Bad Apples in a Bad Barrel

"Go Get Yourself Some Democracy!"

Dissing Independent Contractors

Bush’s Misleading Pledge to Destroy Abu Ghraib

Major "Liberal" Outlets Clog Media Diets

"Maybe We Did Screw Up…a Little"

Chalabi Baba and the 40 Thieves

Bush’s Cruel New Rules on Cuba

40 Years After

The Press Left the Courtroom When the Defense Began Its Case…as if on Command

The Wrestling Pacifist

Ragging the Dogs of War at the New York Times

Pumping Irony

The Times Confesses…Kind Of

A 1993 Interview

The Lies of Our Times

Tax Breaks for Scions…to Hell with Poor Kids

The Trail to Tehran

He Was a Friend of Ours

The New Draft UN Resolution Allows for Perpetual Occupation

More on Morons and War Crimes

The Things Bush Didn’t Say in His Speech

The Oil Connection

Protesting Governor Bigot

Feds Unable to Distinguish Art from Bioterrorism

A Question of Human Dignity

Thy Will be Done, On Earth as It is in Texas

A Vietnam Vet on "Supporting the Troops"

Visiting Lori Berenson

A Review of "The New Pearl Harbor"