DAVE ZIRIN is the author of A People’s History of Sports in the United States (The New Press) Contact him at edgeofsports@gmail.com.

The Man Who Would Reclaim Sports

More Than a Sportswriter

The People Speak

Leave Josh Howard Alone

Grand Theft Hoops

What I Want to Ask Mary Tillman

The Boss’s Boycott

Refocusing Olympic Protest

Olympic Flames

Instep Intifada

The Super Bowl

Dennis Brutus Smacks Down the Hall of Fame

Butts on Parade

George Mitchell’s Drugs of Choice

Absolving the Owners

On Pigskin and Petrol

Kicking a Dead Man

The Indictment of Barry Bonds

White Noise

Soldier in Winter

It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Kenneth Foster Lives

Confronting Katrina

Inching Toward Insanity

The Making of Barry bin Laden

When Domes Attack

White Noise and the Black Athlete

Raider’s Night

The Unforgiven

Being Ali or Being Owned

Jason Whitlock, the Clarence Thomas of Sportswriters?

Talking Sports from Death Row

Memo to Imus

Picking Chicago’s Pockets with the Olympics

Yet Another Book on Muhammad Ali

Bowie Kuhn: the Death of a Baseball Reactionary

Resurrecting Don Barksdale

An Open Letter to Jason Whitlock

When Hawks Cry

Judgment of the Juiced

Organizing the Jocks for Justice

Pimping Mike Tyson

Political Players

Pat Tillman’s Brother Breaks His Silence

The Passing of Peter Norman

The Shooting of Steve Foley

Why I Wear My Zidane Jersey

A Day Without Pujols

The Press Mob, Their Rope and Barry Bonds

Death Row Talks Back to Etan Thomas