Tom Leedham and Dan La Botz

Tom Leedham has been a Teamster since 1977 and has served at every level of Teamster leadership. He was TDU’s candidate for Teamster President opposing James Hoffa, Jr. in three elections in 1998, 2001 and 2006. Last year, together with two other long-time Teamster activists, Tim Silvester and Bill Zimmerman, he created T-Union Link ( to provide a site for Teamster rank-and-filers to find information and discuss Teamster issues. Dan La Botz was a truck driver in Chicago in the 1970s and a founding member of Teamsters for a Democratic Union in 1976. He is the author of Rank-and-File Rebellion: Teamsters for a Democratic Union  (1991) and of the essay “The Tumultuous Teamsters of the 1970s” in Rebel Rank and File: Labor Militancy and Revolt from Below During the Long 1970s (2010). He lives in Brooklyn, New York

What’s Really Going on with the Teamsters and with TDU?