Thomas Klikauer – Meg Young

Thomas Klikauer has over 750 publications. His latest book is on Media Capitalism. Meg Young is a Sydney Financial Accountant who likes good literature and proofreading, and in her spare time works on her MBA at WSU.

Academentia and Managerialism

What Spin Doctors Do

Old Nazi and New Conspiracy Fantasies

The Rise of Digi-Fascism

Three Internet-Creating Ideologies

The Cyber-Corporate Body Snatcher

Corporate Ecocide

The Pathologies of the Megamachine

Inside the Mind of a German Anti-Vaxxer

Dehumanizing Delivery Workers

The Five (Rosa) Luxembergs

Exploitation and Platform Capitalism

A Theory About Conspiracy Theories

COVID-19 and Privatization in Germany

Carbon Justice and Global Survival

The Nazi Language of German Anti-Vaxxers

Wealth, Capitalism and Ideology

Killer Apes and Global Ecocide

German Vaccination Hesitancy: a Union View

Germany’s Neo-Nazi Death Squad: NSU and NSU 2.0

Xenophobic Attitudes in France, Sweden, Germany, and Poland

Climate Justice in America

Democratic Eco-Socialism in Australia

The Alienation of IT Workers

Who Won Germany’s Election in 2021?

Germany’s New Neo-Nazis: The Reichsbürger

Killing German Cars

Who Wins Germany’s Election Next Month?

Global Warming’s Walking Dead

Porn Workers as Labor Force

Academentia: the Organization Insanity of the Modern University

Corporate Capitalism Works … For Some!