Robert Koehler

Robert Koehler is a Chicago award-winning journalist and editor.

Governing by Scapegoat

The Wisdom of Mass Salvation

The Button, the Wall and the Myth of Nations

Turning Perpetrators into Healers

Peace on the Far Side of Nuclear Weapons

Rebuilding Jim Crow Nation

Reopening the Doors of Perception

Trapped in ‘a Man’s World’

The Illusion of Armed Salvation

Bureaucracy vs. Humanity

Praying for the Moths and Beetles

The Calm Before the Storm

The Violence Comes Home Again

The Courage to Kneel

Reclaiming the Truth About Vietnam

Court Convenes: Healing and Justice Meet

Begging for War

The Man Who Stood Up to Armageddon

Facing History In the Age of Trump

Why Does North Korea Hate Us?

Terrorism for Profit

Opening Gitmo to the World

Nukes and the Global Schism

Skewing Democracy White

The Fire Burns, the Cauldron Bubbles

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