The Marcon Institute, Lehigh University

The Marcon Institute sponsored February poll was designed by the organization’s white supremacy-January 6 research team, which includes: Holona Ochs, Anthony DiMaggio, Amentahru Wahlrab, Vera Fennell, Henry Giroux, Sakura Shinjo, Alexander Fischer, Brandon Buscarnera, Raihan Alam, and Annie Seong. The polling data was collected by Qualtrics. Funding for the poll was made possible by the University of Texas at Tyler. Information on the demographics for the polling sample are available below. For more information about the poll, please contact: Holona Ochs ( or Anthony DiMaggio (

America in Denial: Exposing the Religious, Racial, and Class Dimensions of Rightwing Extremism

The Cult of Violence: New Poll Finds Evidence of Authoritarian Values Driving U.S. Public Opinion