Johnny Barber

Johnny Barber writes on the Middle East. He can be reached at:

“This is the Case of the Palestinians”

Into the Sinai

Crossing Rafah

There is Nothing Left of Johr al-Dik

The Never-Ending Nakba

The Lost Lessons of 9/11

Who Will Pay for the Crimes in the Name of 9-11?

The Deep Wound of Wounded Knee

Midnight Thoughts in Gaza

The Path to Peace in Afghanistan

We Are at War

They Shoot Youth, Don’t They?

Two Stray Bullets in Gaza

Two Days in Gaza

Whatever Happened to Women and Children First?

Afghanistan: 10 Years Gone

Walking to the Buffer Zone

Why I’m Going to Gaza

An Eye for an Eye

Amal and Her Children

Meditation in Orange

Aswad’s Story

The Balm of a Peace Process Infuses the War on Terror

Jesus is a Terrorist

Drinking Tea with Hizbullah