Stephen Fleischman

STEPHEN FLEISCHMAN, writer-producer-director of documentaries, spent thirty years in Network News at CBS and ABC. His memoir is now in print. See, e-mail

The Depth of the Betrayal

How the Corporations Broke America

The Founding Fathers and the Luck of the Draw

Interest and Profit

Envisioning an Exit Strategy?

Foot in the Door

Hypocrisy Unbridled

Beware the Predator

The Federal Twist

Suicide Squad

The First Anchorman

Coxey’s Army Will March Again!

Coxey’s Army Will March Again!

Card Check

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Change

Nader’s Latest Run

The Bonnie and Clyde of American Politics

Pawns in Their Game

Homeless in Paradise

The Greening of the Oligarchy

The Tightrope Economy

Little Boy, Fat Man and Iran

Werewolf of Washington

A Dog-Eat-Dog System

Confrontation, At Last