Dave Lindorff – Ron Ridenour

Dave Lindorff has been a investigative journalist since he began his first reporting job at a small daily paper in Middletown, CT in 1972. He has been an activist against war since1967, and has used his journalism to expose political and government corruption, corporate crime, and to help abused and forgotten people fight back. Winner of a 2019 “Izzy Award” for “Outstanding Independent media”, he is also producer of ”A Compassionate Spy,” a documentary film about teenage atomic spy Ted Hall,13 – 4/27 who at 19 gave the secret of the plutonium bomb to the Soviet Union, preventing a planned US first strike blitz with hundreds of nuclear bombs in the early 1950s. Ron Ridenour has been a media worker with mass media, underground media and contemporary alternative websites for nearly six decades, as well as anti-war war and civil rights activist. He is a member of This Can’t Be Happening! – ‘…a major destabilizing influence’ (thiscantbehappening.net) and contributor to CovertAction Magazine | Exposing Covert Action Since 1978

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