Carl Boggs

CARL BOGGS is the author of several recent books, including Fascism Old and New (2018), Origins of the Warfare State (2016), and Drugs, Power, and Politics (2015).  He can be reached at

Belarus on the Edge

Capitalism and the Limits of Greening

The Grand Illusion

The War That Never Ends

Russophobia and the Specter of War

The Democrats and “Socialism”

Obama’s Imperial Presidency

The Road to Disaster?

Russia and the War Party

Gun Crazy: Life and Times in the Warfare State

Doomsday Panic in Hawaii

The Strange (and Tortured) Legacy of “Free Speech”

The Other Side of War: Fury and Repression in St. Louis

Imperialism and the Logic Of Mass Destruction

Hillary and the War Party

Tracking the Pot Wars

The Great “Mental Illness” Hoax: Rampage Killings and the Gun Culture

Citizenfour, Snowden, and the Surveillance State

Drug Crazy in the NFL

Nuclear Diplomacy: the Great Charade

The Real Nuclear Outlaws

Torture: an American Legacy

Prosecuting Bush

The Hussein Trial and Imperial Tribunals