Israel Can’t Destroy Desire for Palestinian Freedom

Image of Palestinian flag.

Image by Ömer Yıldız.

There you have it, as clear as day for the whole world to see. People of color’s lives don’t mean shit to the white supremacist.

Several years ago a movement began called black lives matter, I had always hoped it would evolve into all people of color lives matter but that would not happen. The reality is that throughout history, people of color’s lives never mattered to the white slavers and colonizers.

Since 1948 the Palestinian people have been in a constant cycle of genocide, whole towns and villages were wiped out 17,000 Palestinians were slaughtered by zionist terrorists, and their lands were stolen and renamed.

In the West Bank, what little land that Palestineans have left is being savagely snatched up by the IDF and by the Zionist terrorists masquerading as settlers.
And when the Palestinians show any signs of resistance they are shot and killed imprisoned and beaten down. For Palestinians, it has been 75 years of terrorism committed by the zionist terrorist state of Israel.

In Gaza, there was hope among Palestineans that they could create a safer place for themselves. When they had elections on who would govern the strip the people overwhelmingly voted for Hamas and rejected the CIA-supported Palestinean Authority. And true to their colonizing nature Israel with support from the US and US-financed Egypt imposed a strangling blockcade on Gaza, restricting the flow of goods and all things needed for a thriving, healthy society.

The blockade left over 2 million people in Gaza to try to create some type of existence out of nothing. And whenever the Gazans were frustrated by their confinement and the constant attacks on Palestineans in the west bank they would fire homemade missiles that often did little damage, and in response, Isreal would unleash their American-made jets and American-made bombs and US attack helicopters which usually ended up in the deaths of thousands of Palestineans many of them children.

And when the criminal gangster Netenyau slipped back into power and created the most far-right government ever elected in Israel the attacks and settler rampages escalated as well as the assassination of a beloved Palestinean journalist as well as the IDF raiding the sacred mosque of the Palestineans. It was like the South being handed over to the clan in 1872 putting an end to reconstruction, which was the beginning of Jim Crow terror that lasted for 100 years.

Israeli officers resigned and protested against the far-right government, they tried to warn the heads of the military that they were creating an environment that would lead to serious consequences. but their pleas were ignored.

Like the inmates in Attica prison, in 1971, who seized the prison and took hostages hoping to negotiate for more humane conditions. Their pleas were ignored for better and more humane conditions. The white supremacists had only one thing in mind and that was to teach the savages a lesson. So the stormtroopers positioned themselves to enter Attica to kill all the brutes. Killing and maiming and torturing the inmates and killing the hostages as well. Remember Nat Turner and his rebellion as the slave’s pent-up anger built up from the rapes and the murders and the lashings and the arbitrary separation of black families, the slave revolt began, and many whites including their kids were slaughtered. In response, the white slavers would kill and destroy every black savage they came across decapitating many of them and putting their heads on the poles for everyone to see just like the Romans did to the slaves that revolted against the Roman Empire. I would never agree to the killing of kids but who knows what one will do after being brutally pushed against the wall for so long.

Hamas and other Palestinean freedom fighters were pushed to the limit for so long and confined in the world’s largest prison and the world ignoring their pleas for freedom attacked Israel taking hostages in the process in hopes of negotiating an end to the barbaric confinement of Gazians and freedom for the thousands of Palestinean prisoners held in Israeli prisons many of them children. Israel doesn’t give a damn about the hostages just like the racist guards at Attica just like the racist cops in Marin County in 1971 when a young revolutionary Jonathan Jackson frustrated with the unjust confinement of his older brother George Jackson took hostages hoping to negotiate for his brother’s freedom. 17-year-old Jonathan would be shot dead along with his coconspirators and all of the hostages except 2 survivors one hostage and one freedom fighter. All through history when the slaves or natives resisted and rebelled The order of the day for the white supremacists was to teach the animals a lesson with total annihilation. It happened to the native Americans on too many occasions, when the redhead Custer was killed and the vaunted 7th calvary destroyed, the whites went on a campaign of annihilation of the natives.

As long as the people are constantly brutalized and raped and tortured and oppressed at some point they will always rise up and fight back. Just like Fred Hampton said you can kill a revolutionary but you can’t kill the revolution, you can never kill the resistance and the desire to be free. A thousand years may go by but in the end, the oppressed will always rise up and fight back. Israel may destroy Hamas but it can never destroy the desire for Palestinean freedom.

White supremacists are the greatest terrorists to ever exist in world history, the terror that they have unleashed upon people of color throughout the world can never be matched, they are the greatest threat to humanity to the environment, and to all living things on this earth.

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Aaron L. Dixon is an American activist and a former captain of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party for its initial four years. In 2006, he ran for the United States Senate in Washington state on the Green Party ticket.